This edible fungus is also known as Oyster. It comes in various shades like cream, yellow, pink, light brown and white as it depends on the species particularly. The best thing about Oyester Mushroom Spawn is that it is protein rich and quite healthy for the body.

It is pretty much different from the other Pleurotus group. A number of dishes can be prepared using it. The delicious fungi get prepared within no time and it holds great taste. The oyster Mushroom holds three distinct parts called a fleshy shell, stipe and gills orlamellae. A bit scientific, but it is not too much tough to understand.

What Is All About the Medicinal and Nutritional Value of Oyester Mushroom Spawn?

For the foodaholics, this edible mushroom has always been favorite and they love eating the dishes made of it. It is 100% vegetarian and comes up with the great taste. It means you are allowed to eat if you are pure vegetarian and love eating only vegetarian things.

If talks about the nutritive value of this edible fungi, it is quite healthy to eat as same as other types of fungi like Shiitake, Paddy Straw or Button. It means it is the prominent one for the health conscious.

It is loaded with Vitamin C and B complex. People who wish to add this complex in their diet can go with it to maintain their health. To get the perfect fusion of vitamin C and B, you just need to add it to your diet.

The second thing is that it is a great source of protein and it varies between 1.6 to 2.5%. We all know how protein is essential for having good health and body; it is good option to choose to get the great chunk of the protein.

Consuming this fungus also brings the cholesterol down and keeps you healthy and fit.

It is a great source of potassium and iron.

It is jam-packed with the mineral salts that your body need in a great way like sodium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. If one wishes to add all these in one go to diet, just need to add this edible fungus.

There are many distinguished brands indulging in this crop as it fast growing crop. They grow it in a healthy environment keeping various things in the mind right from the temperature and other things like humidity, light level, and carbon dioxide levels. They do it on a great scale and keep maintaining the quality of the product.

Oyester Mushroom Spawn Production:

It is the third largest cultivated mushroom and China is the country producing it on a large scale and exporting it to all around the world. It does not overstate that China is the world leader when it comes to the product of this mushroom type. It is producing approximately 85% of the total world production. Though there are many other countries like Korea, Italy, Thailand, Philippines and so on in this competition. 

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