Blogging is to start sharing your successful stories with audience to help them solve a specific problem such as growing their businesses, generating leads and anything that can help people, by delivering awesome value.

When i started blogging online

i didn’t know how to buy a domain name

i didn’t know how to install wordpress plugins

i didn’t know how to create content

But i didn’t stopped there. i started learning the basics before any advanced strategies. i went to warriorforum where i could read about affiliate marketing and purchased several products. some of them are crap and some are good. in general you can start a blog without investing in some products.

i have invested lots of time reading many blog posts and listening to podcats and pro guys such charlesngo. they could help you a lot.

How to start making income with blogging ?

Many people don’t know how these bloggers are generating income from their own blogs.

let’s dive it and go on details !

Banner advertising

When you have some traffic from Search engine people will come and ask you to display a banner ad on your blog for a price. these people already don’t have a good SEO campaign and they have no audience. this a targeted way to get traffic. google adwords seems expensive for them.

Affiliate Marketing

Here is how big bloggers make money and you should know how to do it too.

if you go to clickbank, amazon, and jvzoo. these companies run an affiliate program. and each product you sell from their marketplace you get a commission. for example a digital product from clickbank that sells for $47 dollar. if you sell a product you get 75 PERCENT as a commission. how awesome is that. what about if you make 100 sales a day.

Nowadays there are many opportunities for you to generate income with blogging such creating your own digital product and sell it to your audience. what if you could create an other course that’s stream income in a year.

The easiest way to start blogging is to follow someone who walks the talk and who share step by step stragies to gain you results.


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