Some DJ’s are good while other are a waste of time and resources, genuine ones have a way of assuring you that everything will work out correctly while others just hide the trust from you. Here is what you need to know about DJs.

Is the DJ going to be the MC and the Host?

In weddings, this is very important because you need to have both the host and the MC at the same time. To save money, you need to have the DJ as the host and at the same time as the host, he will be able to control the music at the same time manage the crowd, he will be able to play the music according to the mood of the people and also will be able to coordinate what will be happening. At this time you should let the DJ choose the best music for your guest, he will play the most requested music to keep the guests entertained.

Have a DJ who knows how to Control People

It’s necessary to have a wedding hire DJ service with experience; they can control people and play the best music that gets people out of their seats and starts dancing. Also, you need to hire one that can request people like what to do and where to go, such DJs are best for weddings because they have been into weddings and they know how it works. Also, he should be friendly to everyone and should be polite at all time.


You should always check on the reliability of the DJ; it is because he might get sick and you don’t know what to do. In this case, you need to have a backup DJ who can come to the aid. Also, you should ask if he has another one who he had requested to stand in for him. This way you will not be disappointed and start rushing out to find another one who does not have experience. Always have a backup one in case the other one fails.