If your tracking number is consisted of only numbers , such as a USPS tracking number: 9407110200830586012526, then you may encounter the following trouble when copy and paste your tracking numbers in a CSV file.

This trouble can make you fail to upload a CSV file into TrackingMore system. Therefore, you must solve this problem and make the data shown clearly and correctly in the table before you import it. However, the essential thing you need to do is to change the certain culomn type to “Text”.

Steps to change cell format as “Text” before you upload the CSV file

1. Download a CSV file from TrackingMore. Do not change the header and keep it untounched after opening it.

2. Select the “tracking_number” column, right-click your mouse and then select “cell format”, a dialogue box will appear as below.

You will see a number of built-in categories and each category has its own use. You can also create your own category by clicking the “custom” if you cannot find an appropriate number format within the choices provided.

3. Select “Text” and then click “OK”.

4. Copy and paste tracking numbers in the CSV file cell you just set and you will see the below correct data.