Dissertation writing is most hardest part for the students, especially for the finance & marketing students thinks that it’s a tedious work and requires extraordinary skill to accomplished dissertation assignment, but you just need a little bit knowledge about the online suffering and research skills to write an effective dissertation. If you are working on the dissertation and doesn’t know about the format and important parts of the dissertation then I will help you out here are some specific steps for editing a dissertation or thesis.


Every part of the dissertation is an important part, and abstract is one of them and the reader would be gonna read the abstract first, and the first impression is the last impression so make the strong abstract part and provide the best overview to develop the interest.


The introduction is the part where you define your aims and objective and explains the objective your dissertation so the reader can understand the significance of the whole work.

Literature Review

literature review and abstract work almost same but literature review defines the wider information about the entire work explaining the topic in depth.


A methodology is the decisive or crux in writing dissertation, and it must have some methods and procedure and there are many things that should have included in the methodology for the data searching and collection, the size of the sample, design, philosophy, and how you examine the data.

Result and Findings

In the part of result and findings, you are responsible for providing the results that you got from the research and findings, for the illustration you can use many different graphs, tables & charts for representing your result in a successful way.


This section gives the whole information about the finance dissertation and what you have learnt from the dissertation how you will use overall information in your practical life and remember that do not discuss the result again so you have to be careful while writing the conclusion of the dissertation.

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