1. For Mac + iOS users + Stylus users = Notability (6$-12$)

  • Easy to use, incredibly powerful note-taking app
  • Immediate synchronization between your iPad/iPhone and your Mac
  • Works perfectly with a stylus
  • You can add images + video recordings + much more

2. For Mac + iOS + Win + Android power users without using a stylus = Evernote (Free or 20$-40$/year)

  • The most powerful note-taking app on the market
  • Scanning your handwritten notes, making reminders
  • Excellent synchronization with majority of tools
  • You can quickly add files (photos, videos, audio recordings)
  • Clipping

3. If you are already using Evernote and you still want to use a stylus, I recommend checking out the Noteshelf app (7,99$)


One thing is sure: There are hundreds of note-taking apps available on the market.

Some of them are excellent.

Most of them are just average.

To be truly productive one has to use an app (or maximum two of them) that can, among all other stuff, synchronize between your laptop, tablet and your smartphone.

That is why I believe Notability and Evernote (+Noteshelf) are currently the best note-taking apps on the market.

Do you want to know more?

Notability is absolutely incredible!

For around 12$ (6$ for the Mac edition and 6$ for the iPhone + iPad) you get a powerful combination of a progressive note-taking tool and a smart synchronization system between your devices and Dropbox, Google Drive and other services.

Notability is so far the only solution, where you can draw your ideas, sketches and notes with a stylus on your iPad and then continue taking notes in the same file on your Mac. This can create incredibly detailed and powerful notes.

Not to forget, Notability has an automatic palm detection. Therefore, you can use any kind of stylus for your iPad. Click here to read about my top 3 styluses.

I have been using Notability for quite some time, and I have to admit that the app works fantastic, so I’d definitely recommend it to all of you who are searching for a powerful note-taking app.

Despite my vote for Notability, there is no doubt Evernote is the most advanced note-taking app with the most features (web clipping, file adding, images, scanning your handwritten notes, very robust search system) that works on Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and on the web as well.

It’s free for everyone, but it also offers more powerful versions (Plus and Premium) which cost up to 40$/year. For most users the free version will be sufficient.

While notes saved on Evernote synchronize among all your devices, the only lack I noticed is that Evernote does not directly support drawing/taking sketches with your stylus.

It is true that the app is compatible with Noteshelf and Penultimate (which are useful apps if you intend using a stylus), but Notability still outperforms Noteshelf and Penultimate.

To sum it up, Evernote is in my opinion certainly the most advanced note-taking tool if you don’t use a stylus. If you do, check out Notability, which I also personally use.