From time immemorial people have been thinking of ways and means for easy and affordable ways to cool the surroundings down. They attempted to do it with ice, fans, ammonia, blowers, pipes, coils – just to name a few.

Air Conditioning

Here Are Some Facts Regarding Air Conditioning

#1. Air conditioning, as per Willis Carrier, who is known as the father of air conditioning, states that the air conditioner should maintain humidity in all parts of the building. It should remove excess humidity from the air and constantly supply adequate ventilation. It should remove micro-organisms, soot, dust and foreign bodies from the air and cool the room efficiently. It should also increase heating in winter and should not be too expensive either to purchase or to maintain.

#2. In 1892, a millionaire at California tried his hand for the first time at cooling an entire room. He did it mechanically and it did require a false wall so that the machinery could be concealed and there was more machinery which was in the roof of the place as well.

#3. However, in 1913, the first fully air conditioned residence was built in Minneapolis. This was by Charles Gates. The president who first enjoyed air conditioning in the Oval office was Herbert Hoover. The first building which used air conditioning was the New York Stock Exchange in 1903.

#4. The reason for air conditioning to be important is that without air conditioning, certain medications would not be developed or could be studied either as these require a cool environment.

#5. Annually, the US uses the quantity of energy for air conditioners as Africa uses for powering of the entire continent. Also, as a result of air conditioning, the tolerance for heat by human beings has decreased considerably.

Air Conditioning System

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

When the home is cooled by the air conditioner, the heat is moved from the inside to the outside of the home. The air is cooled as it is blown over cold pipes which are called an evaporator coil. The coil is filled with a refrigerant which changes states from liquid to gas and in doing so it absorbs heat which is there in the air. The refrigerant is then pumped outside into another coil where the heat is given up and it again changes to liquid. The outside coil is known as the condenser as it condenses the refrigerant from gas to fluids. A pump is used to pump the refrigerant between the coils as well as to change the refrigerant pressure so that this either condenses or evaporates as per the coil. This pump is known as a compressor.

Air conditioning uses the term ‘ton’ to describe its capacity. This is because initially in air conditioning, the cooling was done in terms of ice blocks. When these machines were invented, their rating was compared to the ice equivalent which melted in a day. Hence the term ton. A ton of cooling is also referred to as 12,000 BTU/hour. BTU stands for the British thermal unit

Air conditioning also has filters as these filter the particles but as there are more particles which get entrapped, the filter gets less efficient and during such times, the filter needs to be changed. If the filter is not changed, the system will not perform efficiently and also when it is too dirty, it pollutes the air inside the house.

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