Many months before I was browsing through a list of China’s 41 Earth Heritage Sites that features famous vacation areas such as the Forehead of Heaven and the Summertime Palace. I was astonished to see that a lot of the sites where vacation locations I’d never been to and several that I had never also heard of. I decided then and there to see as a lot of those sites ASAP starting with a website in the regional city of Jian named “Money Towns and Tombs of the Old Koguryo Empire “.

God must look on fools, drunks and individuals because around 3 months ago a good friend of quarry asked me get back to her home city with her husband and her to attend their wedding. Wherever was her house city? The city of Jian. Actually, I would have accepted her invitation irrespective of where her home city was!

Only a little background home elevators the “Capital Towns and Tombs of the Old Koguryo Kingdom “.

From 37 BCE to 668 CE there clearly was a Empire called Koguryo with terrain that covered modern day main and southern Manchuria and central and upper Korea. The founders of Koguryo are thought to have been refugees from Korea and people from local tribes and ethnic groups.

Through conversation with the Asian Han and later Wei Dynasties, alliances and combat, the Koguryo Kingdom achieved their peak about 450 CE and ruled three groups of the Korean Peninsula and China’s Manchuria. Central struggle and hostilities with the Sui and Tang Dynasties damaged the Empire and it was ultimately damaged by an alliance of the Tang Dynasty and the Silla, a Korean Kingdom to the south of Koguryo.

The marriage was a striking success. The bride was beautiful, the lick handsome, their union intimate, the speeches going and profound, the meals delightful and the liquor plentiful. None of the marriage guests consumed too much bai jiu (extremely potent Asian bright wine) and urinated in public, vomited away from restaurant or created improper gestures to different guests of the contrary sex.

With the wedding out from the way, I was free these time to begin to see the tombs and ruins. From speaking to another visitors at the marriage that lived in Jian, I found out t cap there were just two internet sites worth seeing. They were the destroys of an ancient city to the north west of Jian and a General’s Tomb to the north east.

Everyone I talked to was astonished I was therefore keen to visit to these websites and said the sites were nothing special. Fair enough. Various persons like various things and its not all one has the travel bug.

Had a solution house on a coach making Jian 3:00pm that morning which left 4-5 hours to see both sites. Adequate time if I go right from the next website to the bus station. Armed with the titles of the websites published in Asian on a bit of paper and a rough estimate of a good taxi cost I lay out for site number one, the General’s Tomb or Jiangjunfen Tomb.

After 3 attempts I discovered a taxi driver who was simply satisfied with a 10rmb taxi cost and set out to see the first part of Jian’s Earth Heritage Site. The Tomb didn’t take long to attain and once there, the cab driver requested if I wanted him to attend for me. Thanks but number thanks, this site would take one hour or two to see. Paid 30rmb for a solution at your website entrance and set off down a clearly noted and effectively trodden path.