When it comes to the perfect wedding day hairstyle, a bride often considers a variety of styles before settling on the perfect wedding day hair-do. Before the big day arrives here are some simple tips and ideas to make sure that the last thing the bride needs to think about is her hair.

Test-Drive Several Different Styles and Avoid Drastic Hairstyle Changes

Book an appointment with a hairstylist months in advance of the wedding day so that you can talk with the stylist and experiment with a variety of different hairstyles and up-dos. Bring some magazine photos of the kind of hairstyles you would like to try out as well as your veil and any hairpieces or accessories that you want to wear during the ceremony.

Rather than a drastic hairstyle change try a variation of your regular hairstyle. If your hairstyle is a long experiment by having the hair pinned back or put up. If an up-do is not what you are looking for try some soft waves or light curls to enhance your hairstyle.

For longer hair, add a few elegant barrettes, a tiara or even a hair band to create a special and memorable wedding day hairstyle. Shorter hair can be styled with short waves or with the bangs swept to the side and secured with a fancy hair pin, hair band or barrette.

Rather than making a permanent hairstyle change before the wedding day try to stick with the current hairstyle and enhance it with curls, waves, barrettes, pins or hair bands.

Take Photos of Favorite Styles and be Specific

Invite a friend and bring a digital camera when visiting the hairstylist for a pre-wedding hairstyle consultation. As you experiment with different hairstyles have a friend take photos with the digital camera. Make sure to take photos of each hairstyle in the front and in the back to see how the hair looks and to determine if it is a good look for the wedding day.

Photos are a great way to compare different hairstyles and to determine which style works best with a veil or with certain hair accessories. Also, on the day of the wedding, you will have a photo to bring with you to the hairstylist.

It is important to provide specific hair styling details and preferences with the hair stylist so that she knows exactly how you want your hair styled on your wedding day. Take the time to explain the preferred hair style, shape, and details. Bring the photos that were taken from the previous visit to the hair stylist to test-drive different hair styles. In addition, make sure to bring the wedding veil or hair accessories that will be worn in the hair.

Taking the time to practice and take pictures of different hairstyles and makeup applications well in advance of the wedding day is a great way to avoid hair styling disasters on the big day. Perfect wedding day hair is possible when the bride takes the time to try out different styles, avoids drastic hair style changes, takes photos of the best styles and shares specific hairstyling details and preferences with the wedding day hair stylist.

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