With social media taking off and the valuation of the social media companies continuing to soar based on PE evaluations advertising is becoming a huge part of the social media renaissance. Companies such as Facebook which are growing their advertising base especially in mobile advertising a 41% for an astonishing 819 million mobile active users. Facebook is the poster child for social media, but the company that everyone should pay attention to is Twitter. If and when Twitter becomes a publicly traded company, Twitter should surpass Facebook in valuation and become a behemoth in the future with its world wide reach and advertising capabilities that has not been tap yet.

Think about it, as a consumer of Google Glass you are walking down the street and someone is driving the new Tesla X or you are in the mall looking around and come across a new pair of Jordan’s, with Google Glass you can take a picture and speak a Tweet to be tweeted out to the massive, nice and once tweeted a ad can be placed right after tweet to remind you of your finding. With that in mind think of the future and wearable tech. Google is a step ahead of its competitors with #Google Glass and Samsung is showcasing their new wearable tech soon as well as Apple’s new wearable tech. I say the sky is the limit for wearable technology and advertising, that’s why as an investor you must pay attention.

Look at it in the perspective of business and the consumer, with wearable technology, constant internet connectivity, business can target consumers that come near or around their perspective business with a video ad (Google Glass) or a musical ad (Smart Watch). Anything is possible with wearable tech and consumers who wear these gadgets will play a huge part that will drive the next phases of advertising along with social media. Check out the video below courtesy of Reuters TV.

The Race To Rule the Wearable Gadget Market