Schools reopen soon after summer vacations and parents of kids in the higher secondary schools are seen in a flurry of activities. Either, getting their kids school ready or getting themselves ready for facing the activities and projects and exhibitions that will take place in the schools.

The other day, I could hear noises and practice sessions of project demonstrations and rehearsals of model showcase speeches till late in the night from the house below mine.

I wondered what it would be like to re do those school years again. With all the new resources and channels of information available for the kids now, I am sure I would make a smarter student than I actually was back then. The thought bubble busted when the better half handed me a cup of hot piping tea and mentioned how it was good to have green tea to detoxify the human body. The word detox stuck in my mind and when I happened to meet the boy living in the house below, I asked him about his school project and how it was coming along. To my surprise, the topic was related in some sense, he was doing some model of an effluent treatment plant which helped remove impurities from sewage water and help make the bi-products which were reusable and environment friendly.

Out of sheer interest, I decided to help him out and he too readily agreed. When I looked at the sheet amount of data they had gathered, I was pretty impressed. The kids however were not very excited about the same as they felt it was very easy to research on the Internet and gather the data. It was the presentation of the data and the working model that they needed help in.

Over the next two weeks, we spent 3 hours/ day in the society club house getting the effluent treatment model working. We got charts and slides prepared about what the effluent treatment plant does, what are the key components, and the chemical and physical and biological process that need to be taken care of to create an effluent treatment plant.

As a model we mixed tea in water and showed how it gets separated by filters to leave just the liquid which can be further treated to make it reusable.

All the kids were smart enough to realize that the real effluent treatment plant is much more complex and deals with a lot of waste matter which creates hazardous environments and gasses which cannot be sustained by human beings. The message they wanted to give out was, use water smartly, use environment friendly material in all walks of life to reduce the stress on these treatment plants, thus making the planet greener and a better place to live in for the next generations to come.