Australia is surrounded by water from all sides and it is no surprise that water based activities tops the list of things to do on weekends or when exploring the country. 

Boating, Surfing and jet skiing are one of the top sports or activities in Australia. Once such place where boating and jet skiing is at the top is sunshine coast. There are myriad of places to go for boating at Sunshine coast. Ben from Licence to boat which is located in Maroochydore, Sunshine coast says that if you’re at the coast, you must experience the fun of exploring waters with a boat or jet ski. Don’t forget though, a Boat and jetski licence is required before you jump into these activities. 

If you have never every tried jet ski, you must not miss this exhilarating experience. Especially, if you’re an adrenaline junkie then you must get into jet ski to ride on water at high speed (of course under the limit!). After this experience, you would wish to come back again to ride it. 

However, safety is first. If you do not follow the safety procedures or follow the speed limits then you may end up getting injured or fined if you break rules. 

Over the past five years, there were many hospital admissions due to serious injuries related to recreational boating activities. The figures, show the most common activities at the time of injury were waterskiing, wakeboarding and jet skiing.

So,  don’t forget to follow the watercraft safety procedures every time you get into the water with your personal watercraft .