The Zika bearing mosquitos have done what horrendous traffic, toxic chemicals in our drinking water and being named the worst city in the nation could not do. It has prompted the Florida Governor to take action and declare an emergency. Zika bearing mosquitos have taken up residence in the Wynwood area of Miami. We have gotten hold of a copy of the tentative plans for combatting the disease.

“We haven’t come up with a complete plan but we have started printing tiny signs to be posted in areas suspected of harboring the mosquitos” said mosquito control expert Bob Zater. “We know mosquitos can’t read but the signs will have little pictures of them with a slash through the middle telling them they are not wanted here. Until we can get the legislature to fund a solution, it will have to do.” The governor is also sending out teams of ‘swatters’.

Women who have visited the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami since June 15 should not only avoid getting pregnant for at least eight weeks but they should abstain from kissing or even holding hands according to the CDC. “We’re taking no chances”

“Even if you’re thinking of becoming pregnant, take a cold shower, watch some episodes of ‘Born in the Wild’ and follow Nadya Suleman, the ‘Octomom’ on Twitter.