A piece on the technology age and where 3D printing is now.

This world is moving fast and we have to keep up or we all will be left behind. It may sound grim but its fact. Sorry if that sounds harsh but unfortunately its the way it is!

In the past the world was booming with construction, it seemed the world did not have enough builders and architects, colleges and university’s were releasing truck loads of young enthusiastic and aspiring graduates to answer the demand the world was screaming out for.

Everybody is aware of what happened next. The bubble burst.

Every bank in the world started to call in loans that ran in to the billions and trillions.

Millions of people across the world were out of work, not just in the construction industry but every sector of the employment industry were effected in some way. It is all an inter-connected web.

Now we are in the technology boom. Obviously technology was always here, but now it has exploded with innovation that gets added to every day, the truth is there is so many potentially life transforming technological based solutions out there, ready and waiting to be presented to the world.

Every thing in our daily lives now can be controlled for our phone, from turning on our heating before we get home to speaking to a man in China within seconds. Applications are there for all of us to benefit from.

3D printing is one of these disruptive technologies that is sweeping across the planet. Still in it’s infant stage but at the same time is making waves in certain sections such as medicine.

But how can this technology benefit you or me?

Where will I start? That’s literally how limitless 3D printing is, It is difficult to magnify specific areas 3D printing is revolutionizing. The unique thing about it is that 3D printing is for everybody, that’s a slogan which has lost it’s meaning over the years with anybody trying to sell something, but in this case it’s true. Check out an infinite number of videos on 3D printing and see the scale of people using 3D printing in their homes, business’s and for hobbyist’s.

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You can use the printers at home as a hobby or print off everyday parts for that missing door handle and that precious ornament you loved that you cant find any more. Your imagination dictates your 3D printer.

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