Just the day before Tax day, I decided to make a investment in a new smartphone. Every since Apple decided to make the iPhone 5 and 5S small, I was one of many who decided to switch to android with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and now my current phone Note 3.

I have been with my Note 3 for almost a year now and ever since, new phones are coming out plus the one phone that I’ve been waiting for decided to finally come out with what consumers desire, the iPhone with a large screen. I’ve been anticipating the new iPhone may be coming in the fall 2014, so I decided to take $200 dollars and invest it in Apple ($AAPL) stock options. On April 14, 2014, I took that $200 and bought 5 out of the money option contracts in Apple.  At that time, Apple was trading at around $78 a share and as of yesterday Apple share price broke above $102, but closed below at $101.40.

Yesterday, I close 4 of my option positions for a profit of well over $1500 and left just 1 contact to ride out until the release of iPhone 6. I can truly say that now I can buy at least 3 new iPhone 6’s when they are released plus some accessories. Also, to top it off, I gave this same investment advice to some friends and colleague to which some took and have also made enough money to buy the new iPhone.  So to all investing in Apple with just $200 was one of the best investment ideas given to those with little or no money to afford the full price of the next generation iPhone. Just think about it, instead of outright buying just take that money invest in the company that has the product you want and watch how your money will one day buy that product you love and still have money left over to spare.