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I was lead to believe there would be grilled cheese sandwiches here... Film/TV Producer & Editor. Writer. Bostonian. @_vanessagallant


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10 Common #BostonGirlProbs

1. That awkward moment on the T when someone catches you staring at them because you were pretending to be a host on “Fashion Police” and judging their outfit. Oops. Whatever, your outfit is way better anyway. 2. Strutting across the treacherous brick and cobblestone sidewalks of Faneuil Hall in four inch heels like a boss. Until you…

14 Reasons Why Dyslexia Is the Worst

October is dyslexia awareness month.  Dyslexia is a learning disability, which affects a person’s reading, writing, language and sequencing/ordering skills.  No two dyslexics are alike and the symptoms vary in each individual.  There are thousands of studies suggesting dyslexia is a “gift” with many advantages.  Well, let me tell you something.  This “gift” certainly has…

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