Buying vacuum cleaners that are bagged requires a little knowledge about the relation between them and their kind of bags. This is important because it ensures that you only deal with the right bags for your vacuum thus improving its durability and effectiveness.

How Are Dust Bags Identified with The Correct Type of Vacuum Cleaner?

Dust bags such as DustMe-dust bags are usually labelled certain alphabetical letters. These letters match them with the type of vacuum cleaners that they are made for. The mainly letters that are usually used include letters C, D, E, F, G, J, K and letter U.

  • Bags made for Upright vacuums are labelled using letters C, D and E.
  • F, K and J on the hand are those that are used in canister vacuums and cylinder vacuum cleaners
  • Bags rated G are for hand held vacuum cleaners and finally
  • Those labelled U are for cylinder, handheld and canister vacuum cleaners.

How Vacuum Cleaners Work with Their Dust Bags

Each type of vacuum cleaner has a specific way of how it delivers dust to the bags and filters the air.

A. Upright Vacuums

This type of vacuum first uses a brush roll to upset the dust particles where they have settled. The particles are then sucked into the vacuum cleaner and taken into the dust bag where they are trapped but the air can pass through the wall of the bag.

B. Canister Vacuums and Cylinders

These models have a nose that sucks up the dirt and unlike the upright vacuums they directly deliver the dirt inside the dust bag without passing the it through the vacuum. Air easily passes in between the wall of the dust bag.

C. Hand-held Vacuum Cleaners

They usually have a small dust bag whose capacity may require several changes of the dust bag if you are vacuuming a lot of dirt. The vacuumed dirt gets collected straight in the dust bag.

Most vacuum cleaners are usually made with features that will show you when your dust bag is almost full. It may be in form of an indicator light or something else as close.

However, if your vacuum cleaner does not have such a feature, there are also bags that can show when they are filling up.

It is vital that you always change the dust bag when it begins to fill up. Changing the dust bag:

  • Improves the performance of your vacuum cleaner and
  • Avoids the vacuum cleaner from becoming overworked

Never use a dust bag that is not compatible with your vacuum cleaner. This may result to other complications such as damaging the vacuum or resulting to leaking of the bag.