If you are someone who suffers from constipation frequently, then you are understandably concerned for your health. It can be difficult to deal with as you are not only uncomfortable, but also unable to live freely. Fortunately, there are many ways to deal with constipation to prevent and control it. Some of these are more natural methods such as through dietary alterations by incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Others are through medication either through a doctor or through over-the-counter treatments. If you opt for the latter, chances are you will have to use laxatives which can be confusing if you do not know much about them. The safest thing to do is educate yourself before you mindlessly start taking.

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Get To Know the Types

There are different types of laxatives on offer and which you opt for depends on your own personal situation.Bulk-forming laxatives, lubricant and stimulant laxatives are some. The first is the more preferred option as it is considered to be the safest especially for use over the long-term. Get to know what each type of laxative does and how it best suits your needs. You do not want to aggravate the situation in any way you want to resolve it so put in the legwork. Before you rush off to a pharmacy, get a doctor’s consultation.

Do Not Go Overboard

Constipation can affect anyone no matter how young or old and how you treat it depends on the age of person. Having said that, no matter how old you are you should never overdo it. Just because laxatives offer some relief, you should not be simply using them round-the-clock. If you are concerned about constipation in your toddler, there are options safe for them such as Movicol, although this is for those aged 2 and up. No medication should ever be taken beyond the prescribed dosage so do not try to ever take matters into your own hands. You can considerably worsen the situation.

They Suit Any Level of Constipation

Different people suffer from constipation in different ways. Some suffer more chronic situations whilst others go through mild cases. Whichever of these it is, there are laxatives suited for all. The gravity of the condition is something your doctor needs to determine. If you take something too gentle for a severe bout, it is not going to have any effect. Similarly, if you consume a laxative that is too strong for the problem, you will have a worse case on your hands. However, it should be relieving to know that there are options out there no matter what.

Store Safely

The last thing you want it little children getting their hands on them. Laxatives are quite powerful; after all, they are only doing their job. If accidentally ingested though, it can lead to a big problem especially in kids so make sure they are stowed away well under lock and key. Keep them out of their reach at all costs. In case they do happen to ingest they rush to a doctor as soon as possible.