Billing and timing software designed to handle time and billing tracking for service and products. This can track the hours (time) worked by employees and expenses associated with clients. Most billing and time applications used to create billing cycle that displays information such as expenses and hours worked. This application is very simple to use and understand. It is perfect for a small business owner, freelance worker, developer, lawyers, and designers for tracking their own work time and billable hours. Using your online account, you can synchronize the app in which you can administer your clients and projects list well. This kind of app is perfect for those freelancers who missed income from client as well as record time badly. Here are some of the major features and uses of billing timer app.

Features of billing timer app:

→ It is very easy to use because of its simple intuitive workflow

→ You can use this app in your browser or iOS and Android phones

→ Even you can review, edit and delete raw time entries

→ You can also merge multiple numbers of timers to bill as a single record

→ This app also protects integrity of records

→ Using this app, admin can oversee on all employee/staff timers

→ You can access your data anywhere at any time

→ You can also customize project costs and hourly prices for a single user

There are plenty of time management apps or tools available in the market so you need to find the best one, which aligns with team’s workflow and requirements.