Hair extensions are popular all over the world. Whether it is a party or a casual date, women use extensions to make their hair look perfect. These days’ clip-in hair extensions are also becoming very famous. They are also very easy to use. You need to insert it and remove it on your own; you won’t need a stylist for this. Those who have thin hair need light hair extensions but those who have thick hair will need heavier hair extensions.

One drawback of the clip-in extensions is that it affects the roots and causes pain if many of them are used so try to use only as much as needed. If lesser amount also doesn’t help then remove the clip-ins and use the extensions as it is.

Usually the pain shouldn’t be too much then it shows that the Virgin Remy hair extensions are not of a very good quality. But if you are planning to buy a good quality one then here are some points that you should keep in mind while buying it.

  • Weft track should be lean and should bend easily.
  • Choose light clips for thin hair and heavy clips for thick hair.
  • Always choose Virgin Remy hair extensions
  • Weft track should be shed-free and strong.
  • Clips should be made of stainless steel so that it doesn’t rust when washed.
  • The color of the hair extensions and the clips should be same so that they are not visible.
  • In order to keep away the small hair in the front the weft track should be sealed from the sides.
  • The hair extensions should be made of real hair so that it can be styled according to our needs.
  • The hair shouldn’t be too shiny otherwise it will look fake.

In a nutshell, Virgin Remy hair extensions are something that is used by even the most famous celebs. Every girl these days wish to buy hair extensions in order to look great in a party or outside it. But, there is a drawback and that is your hair might get affected badly. If you don’t have strong hair, then hair extensions will put a stress on your scalp making it weak and more prone to breakage. So, here are the tips that will help you in caring for your hair and hair extensions.

  • Treat your extensions like human hair. In fact even more gently than that. It’s only then that it will last long.
  • Use combs and brushes that are made especially for the Virgin Remy hair extensions.
  • Don’t use hot water. Use cold water and a gentle shampoo instead.
  • Use a good conditioner to avoid tangling and to keep your hair agile
  • Avoid sleeping with your hair open as it will tangle your hair even further. Sleep with a ponytail or a braid instead.

Try these tips to keep your hair and Virgin Remy hair extensions tangle free and stress free. Remember, if you have strong hair then only extensions will support your hair otherwise you will end up damaging them.