With the advent of digital photography, it has become very easy to capture pictures and share them easily. You just need to upload these pictures to your web portal or blog, so that the entire world can see your work. Well, it’s quite hard for you to make sure your pictures are safe from illegal usage. But, every problem has a solution. You can simply use a watermark to prevent theft.

What’s the purpose of Using Watermark?

By watermarking images, your viewers will know that those images are actually taken by you. It adds value to your pictures, in case the publisher of your work avoids adding them. You can make your work easier with the use of a watermark software MAC as it helps to add watermark to all your precious images. There are a number of batch photo water marker tools accessible for your Apple Mac Device. While making use of these tools on your PC/Mac, it will become convenient for you to include watermark into your pictures with just a few clicks.

If you are in search of a good watermark tool for MAC, you are not required to use complex software tools for watermarking your pictures. Mass Watermark version for Apple Mac Computers makes everything easier for you. All you need to do is add your text watermark, choose the color and opacity as needed. A level of opacityof10% is usually enough to make a good watermark without reducing the image quality behind it. Watermarking pictures with use of a good watermark software Mac is ideal for protecting your pictures against theft. Some of the basic features of Mass watermark are given below –

• Include image or text Watermarks into a range of pictures with some clicks

• Batch Resize pictures to meet the Web Standards

• Retouch your pictures before Watermarking with exclusive Image Optimizer(Windows)

• Custom Logo and Custom Text to build your personal Branding Watermark

• Supports huge variety of picture formats like GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, and JPEG.


Watermarking the images is a very easy process and needs least effort, if you have the right tool. And the first and foremost step here is to find the best watermarking software. Basically, there are so many similar kinds of applications accessible on the Internet that you can use effortlessly. Some of the software is accessible for free, although some of them are available at an affordable cost. Here, the cost would totally be based on the functions and facilities that is provided by bulk watermark tool. The cost would be less, if the features are less in the software. Some of the major watermarking software’s will provide you the capability of batch watermarking. It will certainly make the whole functions easier and faster to deal with. Aside from batch watermarking tools, there are also a few programs that provide cropping, resizing, and rotating of the pictures; Mass Watermark is one of them.