Average TV viewers will now get some much needed exercise. The official start of the political season will have them at the ready with remote in hand to ‘click away’ the second a political ad surfaces. And there will be a flood of them.

$77 million worth of airtime was reserved by Republicans post-Labor Day toward the first four primaries in 2016, with about $62 million coming from super PACs, according to a Washington Post analysis of data provided by people familiar with the ad buys.

There will be a ton of attack ads. They begin with a music track more associated with ‘living dead’ movies as a very serious announcer intones the transgressions of the opposite side. Toward the end of the spot the music turns upbeat with the ‘favored’ candidate seen embracing happy people (actors) and looking at the camera with a huge all-knowing smile.

Donate $3 to any candidate and your mail box will start to fill up daily with political surveys and a plea for more money. Do they read your survey answers? Sure, just as soon as that pesky lobbyist gives them a moment.

If TV were around in the 19th century how would attack ads sound? Cue the musical background to the Frankenstein movie as we hear ‘Lincoln; the people’s candidate. He’s campaigning everywhere. Does he want to appear on our money too?’

When you see the worst grainy black and white image of a candidate you know the attack You expect to see large words crawl across the screen ‘and he kick’s dogs too.’

Watching the political debates is like listening to a dysfunctional family member telling you they’re going to change and then asks for a small loan they will surely pay back. And the Iraqi forces are stepping up.

Our election cycle is so lengthy we’ll have more promises broken than a used car salesman trying to sell a Hummer at a Sierra Club convention. If the election cycle persists longer than 4 months, call your doctor. We’re gluttons for punishment. Beat us, whip us and promise us earmarks.

The American election cycle is a year-long toothache that can’t be fixed with any amount of Novocain and Florida is once again the epicenter. It’s a twilight Zone political marathon on every channel and you can’t shut it down.

I guess I’m looking forward to shopping catalogues and TV holiday ads.

Get ready for the onslaught

Get ready for the onslaught