“Trust is your relationship to the unknown.”

Cirque du Soleil acrobats, Alya Titarenko and Gael Ouisse

The video below is remarkable for many reasons, but the one most significant to me is how deeply these two artists trust one another. I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen overnight. In fact, watch it, and I’m willing to bet that they each dropped the other on their heads at least once in the creating/learning of this routine. Maybe more.

The thing is: they kept at it, building trust in the very cells of their beings, so that when they arrived at the perfection they were seeking, they trusted one another totally.

Why Trust Is Worth It

Where does trust like Alya’s and Gael’s come from? In their case, rehearsal. But that’s only one answer, and it’s really the result of a much earlier, often unnamed, decision that all of us get to make in this life.

Part of ordinary life is meeting the unknown. It happens all the time. The question is: how do you meet the unknown?

Do you …

fear it?
wonder at it?
avoid it?
embrace it?
ask for it?
ignore it?
invite it?
reject it?
control it?

Really, I’m asking Albert Einstein’s famous question.

The seminal issue of our time is: Is the Universe a friendly place or not?

If it’s friendly, then we think the unknown holds benevolence for us.

If it’s unfriendly, then we think the unknown holds malevolence for us.

We get to decide. This one decision affects every single aspect of our lives because in every part of life there will always be the chance of encountering the unknown.

This is especially true in business because we never know what’s going to come through on the email, or ping us in a text or make the phone[s] ring.

If we think there’s goodness to be had in the unknown, we will approach it relatively openly, and (and here’s the key) with a hefty dose of curiosity. If the reverse is true for us, we will close down, become small and reject whatever’s coming. [How’s that workin’ for you?]

In fact, it doesn’t work. The faster the world goes, the faster business goes, and the more the unknown rings our doorbells. Approach it with trust—that the Universe holds benevolence for you—and you will be open to new experiences, and you will grow and change to meet them.

And, sure, sometimes, you’ll get dropped on your head, but then you’ll go back to rehearsal until your trust becomes absolute in the Universe.

This week work on building trust in yourself and life. Trusting is a form of Being that makes for fascinating life experiences. It also makes life easier because the Unknown can knock on your door at any time. Working on trust means you’ll be prepared when it does.