There are plenty of underwater fun activities to do in Singapore as it is surrounded by great diving sites. There are many diving schools here. Newbies can enroll for courses and procure internationally recognized NAUI or PADI certification.

Classes are held both during the day as well as night, you ca pick a comfortable time and attend. You are also taken on a trip to a nearby island where you are made to practice your newly achieved skills. With this certification of yours, you can choose among the many spectacular diving sites in the East coast.

Travel within Singapore quite comfortably with the help of express buses that will drop you off at the major points in the city. Book these express bus tickets online from for added convenience.

Pulau Kapas

Full of colorful soft and hard corals as well as many other marine creatures like lion fish, sea-shells, fish and turtles, pipe fish, moray eel, parrotfish, puffer fish, angelfish, damselfish, giant clams, rays, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and nudibranchs, the Pulau Kapas is a must visit in Singapore.

Pulau Redang

The wonderful sea life that is expected by divers include the best coral reefs in the plus Hawkbill turtle, red anemone, bumphead parrot fish, stingrays, sea horses and sometimes shark. Well known dive site includes Big Mount, Nothern & Southern Run, Pulau Paku Kecil & Besar, Boulder Dash, Black Coral, Anak Chatek, Batu Mak Chantek, Batu Che Isa and Pulau Kerangga Kecil & Besar. All have astounding assortments of coral and fish.

Diving at Berjaya Resort

A licensed 5-star PADI Gold Palm Resort Dive Center offers a wide range of diving courses for amateur and advanced divers ranging from discovery courses, open water courses, junior open water courses, advance open water courses, day & night excursions as well as refreshing sessions for professional divers.

Dragonet Diving

Open to the public since 2001, Dragonet Diving offers some of the best PADI courses for beginners to professional as well as juniors. The center can arrange some fun dive excursions on prior request and they also house an extensive list of diving equipment.