UK Prime Minister David Cameron showed concerns regarding cyber warfare and has declared to spend approximately £800 million ($1.37 Billion USD) on the latest intelligence and surveillance equipment.

He mentioned that the threats faced in this century have changed completely from the ones they’ve faced in the last 30 years. What people faced in the Cold War is not what people will deal with in the upcoming era, where unmanned aerial vehicles and special forces capability will be the key to defending the nation. They cannot simply depend on geographical advantage like the conventional warfare of the old times.

The UK National Security Strategy lists cyber attacks as a first tier threat to national security alongside with terrorism. The fearsome part about the cyber attacks is how real the threat can be with the digital dependence of our daily lives. What further escalates the concern is its constant growth as time goes on.

The information that the UK Ministry of Defense have provided in their Global Strategic Trends report shows that it will be possible for criminal and terrorism activities to become frequent as the inter-connectivity within the information and communications network grows. It also means that the impact of these attacks will be much greater as more parties are involved in this manner.

While they emphasized on the requirements of the defense, Defense Secretary Philip Hammond mentioned that they will build up offensive capabilities so as to deter any form of security breaches, just like the other domains on defense aspects. With that in mind, they will also increase the expenditure to build a dedicated capacity for counter attacks in cyberspace as part of the holistic military capabilities.

This strategy translated into an increase in military expenditure which was last reviewed in 2010, where they will add an additional £210 million ($352 million USD) over the next two years.

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