As interesting as the UFC 212 midweek betting odds were, they showed some great betting odds. Max Holloway (+125) overtook the featherweight king Jose Aldo (-145) and the entire scenario was changed as soon as the gambling public started to speak. Yes, now the things are different for the UFC 212 main event, The second in number Kowalkiewicz (+270) has pulled over UFC’s #1 strawweight Claudia Gadelha (-330) and people are in utter surprise.

Claudia Gadelha (-330) is also the favorite of the bettors in the heavyweight category for the Saturday main game of UFC 212, while her counterpart Karolina Kowalkiewicz (+270), is being considered the biggest underdog of the tournament.

As per the reports, out of 12, seven scheduled bouts indicate that the betting favorite is -170 or anything under as the associated underdogs do not speak anything above +150. If you know how to read the odds you must have got the idea of what a tough tilt you are into.

The Main UFC 212 on Saturday will be aired live in Pay-Per-View at 10:00 P.M. ET while the prelims would be out at 8 PM ET on FX. If you wish to watch the pass prelims of the exclusive fight it will start at 6:30 P.M. ET.

Here are some top betway odds of Saturday’s UFC 212:

The Featherweight Title: Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway

The two had a tough battle but all the conditions pointed out that there is no hope for Jose Aldo (-145). However, as the bettors started wrapping their business in bets on Aldo, there was a huge wave of funding that was placed on the Brazilian. The extent was so massive that it sent Max Holloway (+125) into to total underdog category.

Erick Silva vs. Yancy Medeiros: Welterweight

Yancy Medeiros started his career as a star with +110 odds as an underdog. Even today, he is firm favorite standing around -145. On the other side, once a mush, Erick Silva (-150) is now today a sound tag about +125.

Matthew Lopez vs. Johnny Eduardo: Bantamweight

While Matthew Lopez earned a stout money line of -210, Jhonny Eduardo earned a huge stash and pushed Lopez to -170. Eduardo has shown some great progress and shifted from +170 to +150.

The match on Saturday is going to be amazing, at least this is what the odds predict. So, if you are into eurobet business, do watch the exciting clash and enjoy.