Psychologists around the world saw an uptick in their business when billionaires sought solace as they dropped off the prestigious Forbes ‘billionaire list’ due to the stock market plunge.

Even though they were just ‘paper rich’ they needed help” said ‘psychologist to the super wealthy’ Martin Fairborn at his office atop trump tower, “They’re not used to being associated with mere multi-millionaires anymore. Even with Wednesday’s DJI jump of over 600 points, it was a harrowing experience for some.

Some of the calls I received from them were to ‘help get back up on the polo pony and ride off into the House of Bijan in Beverly Hills.

Even multi-billionaire Elon Musk dropped out of the top one hundred and it shook him up a little. They remember when just being a multi-millionaire meant sending only 5 or 6 people out for a fruit basket. It’s certainly a trauma when the realization hits you.”

Christy Walton sent out a press release “Now they know how it feels to be placed in a bin and discounted. Let them eat mousse fondant”

"my other car is the entire Ferrari factory"

“my other car is the entire Ferrari factory”