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Currently helping people & organizations design lean experiments to test their hypotheses around new products & markets at Nextt. We help people go from back of the napkin to MVP in 8 weeks. I'm passionate about helping individuals and organizations learn more effectively. And I'm fortunate to have done so running the content teams at both Everwise and Grovo. At Everwise, we connect professionals with the people and resources they need to further their careers. My role spanned many different functions: product, learning design, content development, and more. Our core service is matching people to mentors, but I was focused on helping figure out how to grow into the larger vision of creating an enterprise social learning platform. I designed and launched a handful of experiments, several of which turned into core parts of the product offering, such as curriculum-driven peer groups and a virtual coaching program. Before Everwise, I built the learning design and video production teams as Director of Content at Grovo, where we created 60-second microlearning videos and quizzes covering digital and professional skills topics. We created over 5,500 videos and assessments for our off-the-self training library, as well as developed custom training curricula and video content for clients like Walmart, Equinox and CapitalOne. Prior to Grovo, I wrote copy @FindTheBest (now Graphiq), taught English in French elementary schools, and wrote for publications like GlobalPost, Inventor's Digest and The Improper Bostonian: a content-, education- and startup-filled background that has brought me to the most exciting time in my life. I'm thrilled about continuing to use technology to make learning easier and faster.


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Thomas Samph


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