This article will explain my two favorite services which can help you become wealthier while asserting minimal effort.  They are Digit and Instavest both of which were developed at the Y Combinator which is a startup incubator which helped out companies such as Weebly, Reddit, and AirBnB.


Digit is an automated savings generator.  When you set up a Digit account the algorithm automatically calculates how much money you are spending and earning and projects an amount of money which you can afford to save without noticing.  If you have trouble saving money, this account is perfect for you because you probably would have spent the money on a frivolous item.

The amount you save is usually about $5 to $50 every 2 or 3 days.  It is a digital piggy bank which also happens to be FDIC insured up to $250,000, meaning the government gives you your money back should anything happen to Digit.  You can take the money out at any time; it takes 1 business day for them to send it to you.

Digit is free.  The company makes money by not giving you any interest on the money you save.  Since today’s interest rates are so low, this isn’t much of a difference from having a savings account.  This partially automates what a financial planner would help you do, except it’s free.  Think of it as a Suzy Orman in your pocket.  Digit lets you find out your balance or make a withdrawal by simply sending them a text, so you have her on speed dial!


Instavest is investing for the lazy.  It allows you to copy the investments of top investors who have great track records.  When you create an account, you get to see what seasoned investors are putting their money in and why they are doing so.  You simply click copy on one of the investments and the amount of shares you want to purchase.  You let the lead investor monitor the stock and if he sells it, you get a notification; at this point it makes sense to follow his/her move and sell.

It is the outsourcing of analysis.  You get the benefit of investing coupled with minimal research on the stock.  This is different from following investors on TV because who knows if you can trust what they are saying.  All of the lead investors are putting their hard earned dollars in the stocks because they believe in them.  It’s not that some investors on TV or on the internet aren’t good at making money.  The top money managers didn’t get on TV by losing money.  The problem is there interests aren’t aligned with yours, so they may be telling you to do one thing and then doing the exact opposite.

No one who knows how to make money is going to give you their inside information for free.  All of the get rich quick schemes on the internet will lose you money.  Instavest succeeds where every other website on the internet fails because the lead investors are motivated to make themselves money which is exactly what you want.  The way the lead investors get paid on Instavest is through you giving them a tip of 5% to 15% of the profits you make.  Usually if you invest with a mutual fund they take out a management fee even if they lose your money.  Instavest has no fees if you lose money.  You can check the track records of everyone on the website and chose only the best ones to make sure you make a profit.

Full Disclosure: I am a lead investor on Instavest and have made investors and myself money.