Have you seen the new Twitter tool for reporting abuses? It is rolling out for a small group of users, and then will be available for everyone over the next several weeks. The Twitter blog  explains on Tuesday that it is to “build a safer Twitter.”  Twitter users will have a greater opportunity to report abuses, and it can even be abuses that are witnessed being directed to someone else in the Twitterverse. In short, users have just been awarded their orange safety patrol belt with a big silver shiny badge. Can you just imagine how this could go south in a hurry?

One part of the changes could be very beneficial. Blocking accounts will be easier, and the blocked users won’t be able to tell that you have blocked them on Twitter. They can no longer even see your profile. You will also have access to a blocked accounts list through the settings on your account.

Other than that, this whole thing seems like a real mess waiting to happen.  According to MSN, Twitter users can even report other Twitter users who they feel may do themselves harm. This could seriously limit the amount of posts people make about their horrible day.

Really, if someone cannot report abuse on their own behalf, do they need to be on Twitter? And, how many incidences that occur on this silly social network really need reporting to start with? Of course, any threats of a physical nature or implications of  violence may need to be addressed, but I really think this is way overboard.

The whole tool is supposed to make it easier to flag accounts for review by the Twitter authorities. Wow, how far we have come.  Let’s just hope they don’t tell Santa!