Trump “Ready to step in as Speaker of the House since John Boehner is leaving.”

House Speaker John Boehner’s announcement that he’s stepping down as Speaker of the House and leaving congress at the end of October drew these startling comments from Donald Trump.

Trump; “The election is really far into next year sometime. Can the American people wait that long for leadership? I’ve been leading in the polls almost since the day I announced. That’s got to tell you something. Let’s just do it! Why wait?

Look, I’ll step in as Speaker of the House; how difficult could that be? I’ve built a lot of houses, a lot of big expensive houses and all over the world not just in Washington DC or wherever John Boehner has worked. I’ll show those politicians what it’s like to make deals. I’ve made deals all over the world.

And let’s face it; I’ve spoken all over the world too. We’re talking about a very large amount of people here. Boehner has spoken to the House of Representatives. How many people is that, a few hundred?

We don’t need another law for this to happen. Funny how politicians need that to happen just because they follow a piece of paper that was written by people they call the ‘founding fathers’. Well. I’m a father too! That’s got to count for something.

The people; and I mean ‘heartland’ people, not people who came here from another country at some point in their lives, demand action, and I’m here to ruffle the feathers of anyone I meet to say that we’re going to make America great again just like the 1950’s.”

Do we really need a vote? just let me do this job!

Do we really need a vote? just let me do this job!