Skype gives a new way of communication. You can use Skype for various mode of communication; make calls, video calls, messaging, conference calls and even call to any mobile or landline number. This works perfectly when you are using specified system configuration and hardware. If you are facing problems while making calls then you can get it fixed at your own.

We are discussing some common problems with your Skype call feature and how to fix them. When you experience poor quality, freezing, delay, or dropped calls with Skype then you need to improve it. The very common problem is Skype version; it needs to be the latest and updated version to avoid any error. Along this you need to make sure your internet connect is working seamless.

Terrible call quality

Skype calls are suppose to be on decent quality with crystal clear sound. If you are experiencing terrible call quality or interrupted calls, or unable to hear properly, then you will get irritate. This is not a problem with Skype; the problem is related with your internet and network connection. Make sure you have uninterrupted internet service and you are in decent network coverage area.

Close other applications

If you are using multiple applications while Skype calling then chances are you are unable to get clear audio. There could be frequent interruption during the call and call drop. You can fix it easily by closing all the other applications except Skype and reconnect your call.

Test call

Skype gives you a self troubleshooting feature; test call. You can use it before going for any call. After confirming that all configuration and hardware are working properly, then try a test call. You can try this by clicking on the “Make a free test call” link from the bottom of the Audio settings window.

Better quality during a group call

If you are hosting a group call then you need to understand that you computer should have an above average processing capability. Also your internet should have a great bandwidth for flawless connectivity. If you find any such concern then ask any of the group members to host the group call that has better system configuration and bandwidth.

For more help you can connect our Skype Customer support team at toll-free number 1-800-969-1417 . We are a third-party service provider for Skype support and services available 24 X 7.

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