Social games have an important role in many friendships over the modern world. Would you rather is one of the most popular social games and it has been entertaining and strengthening friendships for decades. With a simple game play of asking each other what would you rather do, get or be between a choice of two good, two bad or two ugly options, the would you rather game can be extremely interesting and set the foundation for a night to remember. But revealing your friends’ secrets and truths is not that simple. You must be a dominant player in order to do so.

Forget about asking basic or random would you rather questions and focus on deeper, more serious ones. The journey from average to a dominant player is not easy, and it’s certainly not quick. Unless you find some great tips and tricks you can employ and step up your game. Without further ado, we give you 3 tricks that will improve your would you rather game and help you become a serious threat for your friends.

Make Sure You Have the Right Attitude

It might sound like a cliché, but having the right attitude is one of the most important things in the would you rather game. You may become a dominant player without the right attitude, but it would be a much longer and more difficult process. To define the right attitude for this game, all we need to do is pinpoint characteristics of wrong attitude: asking too intimate questions (regardless how close you are), offending other players, not apologizing for offending them and not thinking outside the box. Want to dominant the game all fair and square? Fine-tune your attitude and you’re on the right path.

Craft Would You Rather Questions Beforehand

If you want to make your friends wonder “How does he\she come up with such complex questions in such a short period of time”, craft as many would you rather questions as you can before you start the game. The more would you rather questions you write down, the more dominant player you become. It’s particularly easy to ask questions you’ve already have written down, because you’ll have the confidence to make it look easy. Preparing yourself beforehand can also help you reveal more truths about your friends, as you can take your time to analyze each of your friends carefully, without the pressure of being expected to pose a question.

Play with as Many Friends as You Can

At the end of the day, you can’t get better at playing would you rather questions if you don’t actually play. But what’s more important than playing regularly is the need to be challenged. If you do get a dominant player and your friends develop a fear that you might find out all of their secrets, you may need to extend the circle of your friends and play it with other friends who will present a challenge to you. Playing with the same old opponents cannot improve your skills beyond limits. The only way to go beyond limits is to play it with as many friends as you can. However, that doesn’t mean you should ask whosoever to come over and play, because you’re also under a threat of being asked awkward and difficult questions.