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The amazing new capabilities, clearly show that web is the future. Believe it or not, 5 Billion devices are connected to the web. Chrome alone runs 2 billion devices for phone, tab and laptop!

Why build Progressive Web Apps?
-Web reaches 3X more people.
-Deeply engaging experiences from first touch point

In 2011 Financial Times abandoned native apps and build a PWA and have never looked back ever since.

– 43% increase in session duration
– 3X in scroll depth due to personalization
– 100% more engagement

In this era, the audience is as knowledgeable as they can be and there exists an never ending need for them to be understood by brands. After using PWA, Forbes witnessed 43% increase in session per user and 100% increase in session duration. Which is double the length on average!

Google I/O 2017 – What’s new ?

Improving add to home screen feature

Initially, web apps could only be added to the mobile homescreen. Now is is possible to add it in other parts of the android system, like the app drawer and system settings, just like native apps.

“Users will be able to find web apps in many places that were formerly reserved just for apps.” said Sam Birch, Product Manager, in the Google I/O 2017.

Android intents

PWA now provides users with a splash screen experience, just like native apps. It no longer displays any element of chrome once the web app is opened. Now, intends can be handled on other apps as well and not only on chrome. The toolbar saw some improvements, supporting the jumping back, carrying and opening a Chrome tab.

Banner Triggering

Conservative approach in sending notifications as not to seem pushy and spammy. This was welcomed with a 48% more engagement level. The magic mantra being few minutes + couple of visits.

Targeted Prompting

The whole point was to show the prompt later when the user is engaged and is willing to take any step towards favouring you. Flipkart delayed prompting until user made a purchase, a moment where the user is satisfied from their service.  

As soon as chrome realizes the site you are visiting is a progressive web app, it fires a prompt before the install. If you have visited the event earlier on this page, the defaults prompt will be suppressed and trigger will follow with the user action.

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