The casino players prefer playing the games on the mobile platform rather than the web browsers on desktops these days. We will look at how the players are switching their casino gaming from web platforms to complete mobile gaming. According to an online report, the statistics show that 65% of the casino players use mobile platforms and the other 35% of people prefer playing on desktops/laptops browsers.

More Registrations on Mobile Casinos than the Online Platforms

Steadily the players are moving to mobile gaming as the ones offered at many popular casinos like Monster Casino. The players now rarely use a PC or laptop to register at the casinos. They download the casino app from app or android store or log into the mobile browsers hence, increasing the number of mobile users of casino apps. The players are not choosing the web platforms to open the casino accounts and hence the number of online users is considerably coming down on a daily basis.

Web Vs Mobile- The Usage and the Conversion Rates

When we look at the usage of the web and mobile platforms for playing the casino games the statistics will give you a clear idea. There are 65% of the players from around the world use the mobile platform for playing casino games and the rest rely on the web browsers. 

There are more sessions of play with the mobile users. On an average basis of 4.2 days, the mobile players offer x1.6 game plays against the 6.7 days for web users. The conversion rate is quite higher for mobile users as compared to the web browsers and there is no doubt the players prefer their Smartphones as a faster and reliable device for playing casino games.

Android and iPhone Compatibility is the New Ask

The casino games are now designed in line with iPhone and Android software platforms. These days the players are asking for the compatibility of casinos with iPhone and Android devices. The common question raised by each casino enthusiast is whether the Android or iPhone platform is available. This means that the online web platform is now becoming a niche category with only a few players asking for it.

Final Thoughts

The android and apple users can now easily access all the fantastic casino games at the convenience of their homes and offices. Playing casino games on mobile devices is a simple task and all the players have to do is register at an online or mobile casino and get going with the games.