Do you ever bookmark articles you want to read later, but find your reading list keeps getting longer and longer because you never have time to sit down and actually read any of them? Well, I just discovered a way to read more articles than I ever had time for by using two mobile apps that have completely transformed the way I read consume web content.

It all started when I got a Pro Feedly account. I follow at least three dozen or so news or blog feeds, so I was really disappointed when Google Reader was shut down. I tried multiple RSS feed aggregators until I eventually settled on Feedly and went Pro soon after so that I could integrate the service with other tools I use like Hootsuite, Buffer, Evernote and especially Pocket.

Pocket is a bookmarking tool that lets you save—or pocket—articles, videos and pretty much anything on the web you want to review later when you have more time. I installed the Chrome extension and fell absolutely in love. It’s so easy to get lost in a content wormhole when you’re doing research for an article or blog post, so I started using Pocket to help stay on topic during the research process of content development.

While I may have solved my problem of aggregating all the content I love, I seemed to have developed a new problem. I didn’t have time to actually read any of my pocketed items, and my reading list kept getting longer and longer. Whenever I did have time, it was usually while I was driving in the car or exercising at the gym.

But then I remembered about this text-to-speech app I came across earlier this year called SoundGecko. It’s an app designed to help you get more reading done, especially if you’re the type that likes to stay on top of industry-related news. It’s free to listen to as many as 30 articles per day of up to 4,000 words each. You can even read PDF documents using SoundGecko.

How to Read More Articles You Do Not Have Time to Read

Anytime you come across an article on the web that you want to read later, save it to Pocket by email or Chrome extension. The next time you have a 15 minute break in the middle of your work day or a few moments to spare in between projects or client appointments, open up the Pocket app and copy the link to whatever article you want to turn into audio.

Then, open up the SoundGecko app and click the plus sign in the upper right corner, which will automatically add whatever link was last copied to your mobile clipboard. Once the article is finished converting into audio, you’ll get an email or mobile notification letting you know that it’s ready for ear consumption.

I usually add articles to my SoundGecko queue in the spare moments of my day so that I have articles to read (or shall I say listen to) while I’m driving in the car or working out at the gym. I get so much more “reading” done, it’s ridiculous. And I’ve only just begun to put a dent in my reading list. Now, you can too with the help of SoundGecko.