House turns into a home when you adore it with things you love and things that reflect who you are.

We all have some happy memories that are attached to something in the house we grew up in. With time, these objects might start looking old and chipped. But when you go for Shabby Chic décor, you can utilize all such things. Just some minor touch-up or additions and they would be just a charming as new. It is the perfect balance of luxury and lived-in décor styles. You can add a touch of coziness to large rooms with soft colours, frills, and ruffles in light hues. It utilizes empty spaces and adds a welcoming charm to the place.

Today, we’ll share some of the very basic things to help you go Shabby Chic with your home décor.

Signature colours for a Shabby Chic home

The Shabby Chic palette usually includes whites, pastels, creams and goes from taupe to mint green. It is always a good idea to start with the neutrals and work some rose quartz tones along with some muted greens and voila; you have a true shabby chic look. If you think that there is a need for some colour pop, you can use teal, turquoise, bright pinks and even reds.

Essential style elements of Shabby Chic Décor

Essential elements, you say? The elements that can be used in this decor style are endless. Here are a list of the most common elements you can begin with; burlap, lace, whitewashed wood and metal. Along with this, there are four prints commonly associated with Shabby Chic decor; florals, stripes, damask and paisley.

Source: pixabay

Shabby Chic Essentials for Living Rooms

Shabby chic is the perfect match of the past and the present, and that’s what you need to keep in mind while working on your living room décor. It embraces the imperfections of a well-loved space.

The style initially began in Britain and reflects the country cottages. It is full of character and has a lived-in look. To make your living room go Shabby Chic, start with elegant and fragile-looking accessories to cover flat surfaces. To balance this out, you can go for heavy furniture with plenty of storage spaces. This type of decor is affordable, dependable and looks great. Linen, distressed furniture and little nick-nacks that have a story to them are some of the ‘must haves’ for your Shabby Chic living room.

Vintage VElegence. Source: Shabby to Chic Design

Shabby Chic must haves for Dining Rooms

Share the love with your near and dear ones by feeding them is a space that is welcoming and feels like home. The trademark pale and creamy palette of shabby chic will draw the focus on the colour pops in the dinnerware and the floral centerpieces (iconic of the style). If you think it doesn’t quite feel right, you can easily warm up the place with cozy upholstery, inviting hardwood and a soft area rug.

Crystal chandeliers, farmhouse tables, floral arrangements and mismatched seating are some of the most popular shabby chic additions to a dining room.

Essentials for a true Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby chic is all about comfort and personal space. It reflects the essence of the people who lives in that home, and there is nothing more personal than your bedroom. One of the best ways to go Shabby Chic is to add sweet accessories like delicate curtains, shabby chic photo frames, and tranquil throws along the soft and downright fluffy items to your bedroom.

Ruffles, keepsakes, pastel and pretty patterns also make for the perfect elements for the most comfortable bedroom ever!

Go on and try your hands at something that is utterly you and celebrates your memories and uniqueness.