Abit of a serious post today, sorry no swear words, but this is something that I feel needs to be spoken about, to raise awareness of what is actually happening to other women, women who are just like us. I read the story of a young woman yesterday in Glamour, she lived in North Iraq and just like us, news of terrorism and the infamous ISIS seemed a million miles away, until she was stolen and captured by them . They attacked her village, shot her brother and father and then took her, kept her prisoner and sold her as a sex slave and maid to four different men. After refusing to do as she was told, she was once beaten so badly that she could only crawl for a whole month. The most harrowing line I read in this article was that she stated that, she never did find out how much she was apparently worth. Actually brought a tear to my eye. so I decided to find out more, how many women is this happening to? and what is the going rate for a beautiful young woman.

Russia, China, Cuba and Iran have the highest rate of child and sex trafficking, the children or young women are taken from poorer communities, where the police do not give a shit (ok, one swear word) and are sold for up to £500 pounds, in our currency, they get more money if the victim is fair haired, particularly beautiful or a virgin. What then happens to these young women is nothing short of disturbing, they are beaten, raped and used as slaves. They are often forced to take addictive drugs such as heroine or crack cocaine, just to ensure their dependency to minimise their chance of leaving, if they struggle or try to escape then they are usually killed and just cast aside like they are nothing. Once these women reach their thirties (if they are lucky), they are simply thrown out onto the street, with nothing and nobody, a drug dependency and quite often they will have been given a sexually transmitted disease aswel, which will be left untreated.

These sick bastards will then just go and buy a new young woman (ok, two swear words, but I cant help it).

These young women have dreams, aspirations and hopes just like us, they hope to have a family one day, like us they dream of a career, love and happiness, but sadly this is all snatched away from them.

Why, I ask, is this being allowed to happen? , is it because of their social class, ethnicity, gender or race, or all of the above.

Either way, awareness needs to be raised, more needs to be done to stop this happening and the lives of these young women needs to be saved, it is heart breaking.

The woman I read about managed to escape, after three failed suicide attempts she was finally sold back to her uncle in Germany, where she now lives and teaches refugee women maths. An absolutely inspirational woman and her story will remain in my thoughts forever.