Tara Greene

Tara Greene, who is a Toronto, Ontario psychic and metaphysical teacher working with the tarot, astrology, dreams and more has shared her predictions for 2016.
First of all, she says the best way to begin the New Year is with a regular routine of daily meditation. If you haven’t done this already, now is the time to begin. Greene suggests:
“1. Start with 10 minutes a day. Sit straight in a chair or against a wall on a cushion.”
2. Smudge before meditating with “incense or spray smudge.
3. Applying lavender oil to your third eye chakra (helps to activate and open it up.” Lavender is “very calming. Clary Sage essential oil is also good to clear the mind and uplift the spirits.
4. Use grounding and calming crystals like Hematite, rose quartz, clear crystals or labradorite. I like Celestite for meditations too.” Hold it in your hand or “place on your chakras…”
5. Put on “theta beats meditation (soft soothing sounds to listen to).” These are available on YouTube. “Set a soft alarm to wake you after 10 minutes.
7. Invite your guardian angels and divine ancestors who love you into you circle.
8. Close your eyes. Focus your mind on listening and following your breath. Just keep focusing on the breath slowly entering your nose, flowing down into your lungs and flowing out of your mouth slowly and naturally. You can place one hand on your diaphragm to follow it filling up like a balloon on the in breath and emptying out on the out breath. Nothing should be forced. This is simply breathing and allows the ego mind to stop talking. You may be fidgety; that is the ego protesting, If you get distracted, simply bring your mind back to emptiness. You can repeat the word emptiness over and over in your head.
9. Empty your mind of thoughts, worries and distractions. There is nothing to do for 10 minutes except relax, let go, use this as a mini-vacation. Watch yourself breathe and open your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. This allows you to detach from the ego identity and allow your natural connection with your Higher Self to come through.
10. Simply allow whatever feelings, images, sensations or none to be present. Experiencing emptiness, peace and stillness is the purpose of meditation. You may go very deep and some people fall asleep.
After the 10 minutes, which may feel very long or short, open your eyes and stretch your body. Take an inventory of your experience. Give thanks for the experience. Vow to revisit this experience the next day and to go deeper, and experience more joy. Daily practice increases the breadth of the experience. You need to do this for at least 30 days to get some significant results.”
Before long, you will find that you are more relaxed, clear headed and have “more clarity to tackle whatever is ahead into 2016. Greene has had various visions and on one particular morning early this year, she saw a vision of a unicorn.
“I knew that felt right.. I have always had an affinity for unicorns… Unicorns have long been a representation of the Moon, the mysterious, intuitive, magick found within the unicorn. There are at least eight mentions of the unicorn in the Old Testament. The original tale of the unicorn was that of the Goddess which was later overlaid as the Virgin Mary who trapped a unicorn, whereupon the unicorn became tame and lay its head in her lap. As the legend grew through reinterpretation, the unicorn was viewed as the Christ or Incarnation and the death of a unicorn as the Passion of Christ.
She added that unicorns are known to have magical powers. Their horns “are said to be harder than diamonds and to heal, neutralize poisons and detoxify water. It is also said that the tears of a unicorn have the power to heal “both physical wounds and sorrows of the heart.” As well, they are said to be able to fly and can speak to other creatures. And finally, a unicorn’s blood is “reputed to keep a person alive even if he is very close to death.” The unicorn, she adds, has major significance for 2016.
In an interview on New for the Heart radio, Greene explains “the planet’s energies through astrology and how they will affect the world, and specific signs in 2016.” Rather than go into the affecting planets and signs of the zodiac, I will try to make this simple for the reader.
The year begins on a positive note with Jupiter governing “success, good fortune, happiness…” For many, it may be a time to redo what you have already done until you get it right. It is also a time to “practice more self-control. People who owe you money or time will be more likely to repay those debts. Do repay whomever you owe” as well. Also for those who have never done it before, it is a good time to keep a daily gratitude journal. Greene suggests writing three to five things you are grateful for each day. This will help you “rekindle your cynical faith in humanity again.” This suggests that you might have lost your faith and need to build it up again.
Aside from the recent death of David Bowie, who she said lived his life “as theatre” she notes, “Fated Capricorn Lilith New Moon begins in 2016 (the star of rebirth).” Lilith (Adam’s partner) denotes, “The power of the Dark Feminine at this Dark Moon is extremely powerful and will take you to places unknown, forgotten and unimagined in your soul, if you allow it.” She also reminds us that “it ain’t over till it’s over.” If you felt a part of this power, Greene notes that she foresees “the groundswell of women joining in circles, creating rituals, honoring themselves as Goddesses, as embodiments of Lilith. She who takes No Shit from no man. Remember,” she adds, “she left Paradise so she could go create her own Paradise without that sexual bully, Adam!”
Today, she adds, “men feel insecure compared to women’s sexual energy, to women’s psychic powers and to their abilities to embody the highest spiritual energies and values as givers of life.” In response, “The Masculine collectively project their own feelings of insecurity, inferiority and vulnerability onto women as harlots, succubus, incubus, etc. and made the victims. It’s so obvious Psych 101.”
But how does this reflect on world affairs this year? Greene states, “Muslim men need to be re-educated about the fact that women are not chattel, not slaves, not furniture, not there for their selfish pleasure/abuse for their own reckless uncontained animalistic, unconscious, unspiritual, cut-off sexual energy.” Greene said that this will be “a huge issue in Europe” given the massive influx of immigrants.
Equal Rights
“As I stated in my predictions years ago that Holland made the wisest decision by making all immigrants agree to certain beliefs about the liberal and secular nature of their Liberal society, country and philosophy. If immigrants want to live in Holland, if they wanted to have the privilege  of living there, they must agree to Number One: Equal rights for women.”
She believes the Bill Cosby cases will compel women to “speaking out more and more for the way they are blamed, victimized, used abused and dis-empowered everywhere in the world” and since women in North America have “the greatest advantages,” it is up to them to “rise up and educate the rest of the world…” She predicts that women will “take back the night” and “demand equality.”
As well in January, Mercury in Capricorn will see us going “back to the basics. As of the 15th, she notes, we would hear more in the news about the Greek economy and can expect such things as repealed legislation, “changes in various laws and agreements in corporate areas.” It will also be a time that reflects “a beautiful karmic symbol of love, solidarity and honesty. Love and maturity. It will be a time of “truth and justice.
Good News for Clinton
She predicts that this whole time will bring “great energy for magic, for love and commitments. On the political front, she foresees that the current mood of “women and worldly power” bodes well for Hillary Clinton. At the same time, the stock markets will be tested. “China’s economy and Canada’s are on the downturn. “Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo ruled countries will slow down. America is one of them being Sagittarius on the Ascendant. Australia is another. China, Norway, Algeria, Morocco” and as we have seen, China’s market really crashed.”
As well, “refugees, travelers, religious fanatics and new laws” will bring difficulties. With regard to President Barack Obama “initiating at least background checks for those wishing to purchase a gun,” Greene sees this move as “so obvious and stupid, it makes me wonder if Americans really do have any common sense anymore.”
At the start of each New Year many people make resolutions to loss weight, exercise, stop smoking, etc. According to Greene, “It’s better to incrementally change the past patterns rather than set yourself up to fail. Here’s some daily mystical tools I use which I recommend you try.” First of all, she says it will be a time when people are the most testy and obsessed. When the Moon is in Scorpio, “repressed unconscious emotions” could result in “power struggles.” If you take note of this negative energy, you can refrain from taking the bait so to speak, “from snippy comments or being thrown shade or road rage.” At this time she notes, “People get easily obsessed and won’t let things go under this moon’s influence.”
When Jupiter, “the planet of optimism and expansion, higher learning (and) philosophy comes into play, it will be “an earth trine of great power. The Transiting North Node is the collective’s highest goals. These are the harvest, food, to be of services, humility, communities, grass roots, health, discipline, budgets, intelligence, discernment, hard work. It is a feminine earth sign ruled by Mercury,” she said. It is also a time of “great healing,” to “release old addictions to all things Pisces: religion, fantasies, glamor, drugs, gurus, projections onto stars, living a vicarious life by watching reality shows. Letting go of whatever your addictions are: chocolate, sex, gambling, porn, yoga, work, the Bible.” It will be a time of “huge liberation and deliberation,” she notes.
Following this will come an opportune time to use your “Goddess given intuition,” to read between the lines. Change of the deepest sexual nature is in the air,” she says and ultimately, we will realize “we are all one and have neither sex in Pisces.” It is a time to “dream a dream, imagine no difference in values between men and women. What would that world look like?” she asks.
Greene says the Pleiades are on the M.C. in this chart for New York City. They are watching and guiding us.” It is a good time for “ritual ceremony” and putting out “your intentions for this quarter until Spring. Retreat into a dark place, under the covers, in a cave, red tent, yurt, a closet even. At your altar or mesa, call in Venus and Saturn, and their Sacred Marriage. Bring in Venus’ metal-copper and Saturn’s, which is lead. Bring in symbols of Lilith, a screeching owl, a beautiful snake, the goddess in any form.”
Love Yourself
She notes that Saturn was “originally the Great Mother” and “the physical world. “We come from spirit through our mothers’ bodies. Mother is the ground of reality. Satan used to be Saturn’s other name. That is why the devil is a woman according to the Catholic Church and all Patriarchies.” The next new Moon is time she says, to “make a commitment to love yourself unconditionally not matter how hard Saturn, the Patriarchy and the earth plane tests you. Remember you come from Source, unconditional love, cosmic consciousness. Men need to learn to love and trust Lilith, she is their own inner dark anima.”
When the Moon trines Neptune, Greene says, it is time to “write down your dreams.” When the Scorpio Moon sextiles the Sun and Pluto, she foresees a “Deathly Hallows kind of energy” when one can have easier access to “positive insights into yours and others psychological motivations for sure. All is not what it appears to be on the surface.” Then when the Moon is in Uranus, “those who want to control will make you feel choked and chained. You will be chomping at the bit – disgrutledom. In Virgo they are workaholics, hypochondriacs, fitness freaks, yogafluenza, health foods and vegan/ raw/ paleo/ clean/ self-righteous judges, and perfectionists in general.” Who can deal with all of that! With Jupiter retro in Virgo until May 9, it would be best to use this difficult time of “nit-picky perfectionists” to “Review, rethink, reorganize, revise, revisit, relegate, rest, reintegrate, revenge, reorganize, etc., etc.” You should also, “Redo the numbers; make sure things compute.”
On that note, Greene says, “The economy should slow down; foreign trade trickling down.”
At this time, there will be laws repealed and challenges to overturn laws, she said. There will also be a “re-tracing of the former war zones., educational reform, legal re-hashes over court cases, and changes in refugee status in Europe will be rescinded now. Many refugees may be sent packing. All the women who were groped by Muslim men in Germany and all the sexual assaults on western women that have been happening is a huge warning.”
With Jupiter in Virgo, it is a good time to tackle “work related issues” that you might need to “testify for or against.” At this time, the patience of Virgo will come through in the “detail and definition of movies, either “in content or execution” that will make them most popular. Health issues are also highlighted. Greene says, “Make sure you are diagnosed correctly.” As well she said, It will be easier now to go back and redo your diet, discipline and health routine. It is also a time to re-read your favorite old books and recycle some of them.
Greene suggests that the spring might be the right time to travel to a place you might have been years ago. She also says, “Relationships that you thought were done may restart.” You might also feel compelled to revisit your old schools and Alma maters and/or go to reunions of old friends. It’s never too old to learn, so if there were studies you never completed, you might want to look into them. Those under the signs of Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini will likely feel the pull back the most. August 12 up to September 9, Greene states that we might all be doing the backstroke in one way or the other!

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