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Few interview questions are:

Q. What is SSIS?

SSIS was first introduced with SQL Server 2005, which was the next generation of SQL Server software after SQL Server 2000. SSIS is an ETL tool that handles data Extraction, Transformation and load. In addition, it can handles more tasks besides the ETL tasks such as data profiling, file system manipulation etc…. If you know C#.net or VB.net, you can use the script task to perform much more efficient batch operations.

Q. What is SSIS control flow integration?

SSIS control flow allow you to program graphically how the tasks will run by using the logical connectors between tasks. there are three basic logical connectors that you can use: success, failure, or complete. Further more, you can use the FX (expression) to handle more complex conditions in your control flow.

Q. What is Data Transformation?

The data transformation stage applies a series of rules or functions to the extracted data from the source to derive the data for loading into the end target.