A skid is a platform supported by two or more parallel runners that elevate a platform from lifting with mechanical equipment. A skid is a single-deck loading platform, which lacks a bottom deck. It is a low profile mobile platform, which simply rests on pedestals attached to the deck. Custom made skids were used extensively before the creation of double faced pallet in the 1930’s. Skids are often used as a permanent foundation for heavy machinery as these have the advantage of being mobile. During World War II, Skids were used for hauling a large amount of supplies, the lack of a bottom deck allowing them to be pulled through the sand. 

Skids used to be preferable for storage because of the lack of bottom deck, but with the introduction of the nestable pallet, that is no longer the case. Skids are usually confused with pallets although they differ from in the sense that a pallet is generally higher and do not have additional cross members and stringers as support beneath the runners. Skids offer better support to handle the load when compared to the pallets and provide assistance with storage, handling and transportation. Custom made skids are designed on the basis of right material, design, engineering & quality considerations for transport. A custom designed skid also takes into consideration the economic or price consideration, product usage, shipment destinations, quality considerations etc.

Some reasons for considering professionals for custom made skids requirement

• Like mentioned earlier different types of equipment’s and machinery would have to be customised as per their size and weight. Professionals will have the hands-on experience to customise a skid as per your requirements of size and capacity.

• Only a professional company will be able to meet your requirements based on industry standards or military specifications or customised shipping solutions.

skids without much fuss through the course of time and also re-use these in different ways.

• Most professional companies offer different types of skid designs that can be customised as per your requirement like Wing pallet, four-way pallet, two-way reversible pallet, block pallet, two-way non-reversible pallet, panel deck pallet & expendable pallet.

• Custom made skids also offer different types of skids on basis of materials such as Metal/Aluminium, Lightweight plywood, wooden, press wood, plastic, corrugated cardboard etc. Most commonly used are metal or wooden or in some cases plastic pallets.

• Specialty on-site crating, packaging services, installation of shock pallets and floater decks are some of the specialised services provided by a professional custom skid & pallets services.

• It’s a cost-effective solution as it’s a “one-stop shop” for all your needs. The costs and logistics of moving large items or a large number of items make skids and crating services the most cost-effective solution. 

Professionals have hands on experience in helping a customer pick the right skid for their machinery and equipment on the basis of dimensions something a consumer or a company can’t understand on its own. Custom made skids are designed exactly for the use, weight, and purpose for which it is shipped. Only a professional will be able to provide you with the security of safe transit to the final destination and that adequate safety precautions were taken. Custom skids can be anything you want them to be based on economics, shipment, products and other requirements so find a professional help you find your perfect skid!