In earlier ages people used to photograph only for the profession. But as the time changes the concept also changes. People are now highly interested in learning photography which they have chosen as a habit rather than being professional. As a newbie here you’ve tried to give you some tips that will be very much beneficial to your photography experience. As the famous photographer has mentioned, learning to view the world under proper light with his gadget is all a beginner needs to start photography-

“One does not have to be a philosopher to be a successful artist, but he does have to be an artist to be a successful philosopher. His nature is to view the world in an unpredictable albeit useful light.”

― Criss Jami, Killosophy

Important Tips

Choosing Camera

Choosing a camera is very vital for the beginners. They often get confused what DSLR and SLR camera is. DSLR camera means Digital Single Lens Reflex and SLR means Single Lens Reflex. As DSLR is digitally operated, so it is easy for beginners and highly recommendable to buy DSLR cameras.

• Megapixels isn’t a Fact!

Megapixel was a critical part of photography, but nowadays it is not the same what the people think. Megapixels are also needed to get a high-resolution photo. But the main thing of photography is your theme, what you are capturing. Megapixels sometimes matters. But not always.

• Buying A DSLR

Before buying a DSLR let’s take a short look and on the guideline. Various brands DSLR cameras are now available in the market such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony, etc. In these competitive market, all have the same feature. So you can buy according to your budget and types of photography that you will be doing. It will be worthless and afull waste of money if you buy high price DSLR camera without knowing your perspectives of using.

• Buying Some Accessories with Your DSLR

When you buy a DSLR camera you just but the body of the DSLR camera. It’s not everything that you are thinking. You must have to buy lenses according to your photography types, sufficient memory cards for the storage of your photo, lens caps, sun ray protection cap, and cover for the safety of the DSLR. And you can also buy a tripod but it’s optional.

• Various Types of Lenses

When you are buying any DSLR camera, you will be provided lenses by default. But lenses are of many kinds. Mainly are micro lenses and zoom lenses. Microelectronics used if you are willing to capture any close shot and zoom lenses are used if you take pictures far away from the desired objects that you are capturing.

• Choosing A Lens

As you are buying camera lenses, so it is very import to purchase lenses which will be worth of your photographing experience. As a beginner photographer, it is highly suggested to use 18-55mm lenses. It is best for basic photography. But if you’re willing to do the zoom photography rather than buy zoom lenses or wide angle lens you can buy a prime lens. A prime lens will help you to take close shot photography and even zoom photography too.


After buying all the accessories with the camera, you need to operate it. But there is a science relating to its. First of all, let’s come to the ISO. Iso differs from 80-6400 for the low price camera. ISO is remarkable for the lightness of the photography. ISO brightens a photo. But over ISO using in daylight will ruin your photo.

• Aperture

Then come to the next point. Aperture means the background of the object you are focusing will become blur or not! If the aperture is high, then the background of the object that you are focusing will be clear. Other the other hand, if the aperture is low, then it will blur the background keeping only the object in focus.

These are just some basics to get started. There are more things to learn about photography. But I’d recommend to start with that!