The Maharajas’ Express is an important luxury train in India. It is one of the most luxurious trains in the world. It is a luxury train that provides several itineraries that scale different destinations in India.

The train is famous for its facilities that match to a seven-star hotel. Top Maharajas’ Express facilities that each traveler should be aware of are listed in this article.

Since its inauguration, the train has run with high customer service and has received various awards and recognition for its luxury and service elements. No matter which Maharajas Express schedule you choose, you would be able to enjoy all the below stated facilities.

Inside the cabin

Top facilities provided inside the cabin or suite are:

a) Live TV

b) Direct dial telephone

c) Channel music

d) Electronic safe

e) DVD player

f) Private bathroom

g) Upholstery

h) Fire extinguisher

I) Hair dryer

j) Slippers

k) Wi-fi

l) Luggage hold

m) Remote controlled climate-conditioning system

Additional and advanced facilities are available in Presidential Suite. It is the most luxurious cabin in the whole train.


The best of all Maharajas’ Express facilities is the restaurants inside the train. There are two restaurants inside the train, which has a rotating menu that suite the destination of the train. The train speed is intentionally slow to allow tourists to enjoy hot meals with ease.

Top features of the restaurants are

a) High class service

b) Customized meal as per request like lactose free meal, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, ovo lacto meal, kosher meal and others.

c) Panoramic windows to enjoy the scenery while dining

The restaurant has the best meal no matter which Maharajas’ Express schedule you choose. Fresh ingredients are loaded into the train at each destination for serving the delicacy of the specific city.

In general

a) Lounge car with numerous kid-friendly Maharajas’ Express facilities like board game, pictorial guide books, library and others.

b) 24/7 paramedic

c) Wine car

d) Souvenir shop

e) 24/7 butler service

f) Luxury transportation for off-train excursions

g) Porter services during boarding and de-boarding

h) International adapters for charging

I) English speaking guide

j) Everyday change of bed cloth and linens

k) 24/7 hot water service

Miscellaneous Facilities

The train has some special facilities that adds comfort to the ride. These facilities are unique and adds more flavor of India to the trip. The type and style of these facilities changes with the season and Maharajas’ Express schedule.

a) Spa facilities are available at certain destinations. The type of spa treatment changes with time.

b) Limited laundry services during certain destinations

c) Wheel chair and valet are available upon request during booking.

Not all Maharajas’ Express facilities expressed above are included in the tariff. Before you book a trip, read through the payment details and the tariff information. Learn about the inclusions and exclusions in the tariff. All required information will be available in the official site or with your tour operator. Certain special excursions are available during certain Maharajas’ Express schedule only. Choose your trip wisely.