Businessmen might shudder at the thought of finding themselves in a situation where their credit score dips below 550. This can happen due to a variety of reasons but the result is the same. He finds it difficult to open a merchant account and accept credit card payments that add to his woes.

No one will advance money to people with bad credit because they are high risk and the chances of recovering money are less. This is when sharks start grinning and rubbing their hands in glee because of they an easy victim they can milk. They will ask for the high interest rate. They will take advantage of the situation to impose terms such as insistence on opening an account with high service rates, purchase or lease of credit card processing terminals at high rates and other charges. Should a businessman with bad credit fall into their hands it will be difficult for him to recover and emerge from the debt trap but does he have any other option? There are. He just needs to look around for the best business loans for bad credit merchants.

Consider that there are lenders who will take undue advantage of the situation and that there are also others who take an understanding view and help such merchants with the best possible terms. These are the ones to look for and get assistance from. Features of bad credit small business loans obtained from such helpful lenders would include:

No application fees or set up fees. While some lenders would take advantage of the situation and extract money on these two grounds, considerate lenders will waive application fees and set up fees. They, on the contrary, assist with finding the best source for opening a merchant account with a bank that has the lowest charges and they will even assist with obtaining card processing equipment with no upfront investment.

Minimum paperwork is another feature of the best lenders who advance monies to merchants with bad credit. A lender naturally wishes to secure himself and will insist on extensive documentation. A considerate lender will assess the borrower and consider his repayment potential. He may waive extensive documentation.

A personalized approach is another positive attribute of considerate lenders. They take the time and make the effort to assess and analyze a merchant and understand how he is in that situation and what can be done to help him regain a healthy and respectable credit rating. The merchant receives counseling and guidance on business practices in addition to funding that will infuse cash for survival and growth.

Prompt response is another noteworthy attribute of lenders of bad credit loans who really care for small merchants. A small customer today can be a big client tomorrow. Situations change and the right response at the right time can be a life saver for such merchants. It helps restore his confidence and funding at the right time helps his business survive and grow.

There are bad credit merchants and there are good Samaritans out there to help them with funds at the right time and on the right terms.

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