Father’s Day is on June 18th and just like you always want to smell your best, so does your dad. Unlike other gifts, fragrances aren’t one and done. They last for a very long time. What better gift to give this Father’s Day than something your dad will be wearing for years to come.

Here are 9 fragrance gift ideas that are sure to make your dad one of the best smelling men in the room! Like father, like son.

Fève Délicieuse by Christian Dior

A deeply enriched take on tonka beans, Dior’s Fève Délicieuse is a creamy concoction that exhibits warmth, comfort, and power. Madagascan vanilla, cacao, caramel, and praline, play significant supporting roles that enhance the tonka flavor in a way that moves this scent beyond a fragrance into an experience. Finally, a hint of cherries ad a light bitterness that produces a sense of wonder that is rare, but welcoming in the gourmand category of fragrances.

Discover Fève Délicieuse at Dior.com

La Commedia by Salvatore Ferragamo

With pimento and nutmeg stealing the spotlight from the opening spray, Salvatore Ferragamo’s  La Commedia is for the man that is anything but ordinary. There’s a strange dichotomy of sophistication and rebelliousness that just works here. It’s a spicy, sweet, and magnetic fragrance. Hours later when the scent dries down, the pimento has all but faded to the background while a blend of guaiac wood, vetiver, and bitter orange develop into a smoked boozy accord. The transformation is a glorious example of fine artistic craftsmanship in perfumery.

Discover La Commedia in stores at Saks Fifth Avenue

Polo Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren performs a magic trick with Polo Red Extreme. Opening with a fresh blood orange note and coffee in the background, you might expect that this is going to be an energizing fresh scent. However, just when you think you’re experiencing a new take on freshness, the magician’s wand is waved and the bright citrus blood orange subsides in favor of the coffee. The energy is still strong with the coffee, but you can sense a sweet crème has been poured in. Meanwhile, the addition of ebony wood makes the dry down a darkly sugared scent with the blood orange now lightly floating in the background for a unique flavoring.

Discover the Polo Red Extreme 3-piece gift set at Macy’s

Chrome Pure by Azzaro

For the man who nevers let his age slow him down. If your dad is just as bold and adventurous as he was when he was your age, then Chrome Pure is the scent for him. It’s a sweet, effervescent fragrance that invokes youthful confidence and style.

Discover Chrome Pure at Macy’s

Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue Eau Intense draws immediate attention with its frosted beach blue glass bottle. It’s so stylish it will add so much class to your dad’s fragrance wardrobe. The scent is equally as stylish with notes of mandarin, frozen grapefruit, and a breezy oceanic accord creating a crisp, smooth, fresh, and clean scent that your father will love.

Discover Light Blue at Sephora

By the Fireplace by Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela has done it again with another incredible Replica fragrance. This scent is expertly crafted to smell just like that smokey, firewood burning smell that is filled with the greatest memories. And if some of your favorite memories of your dad are by the fireplace then look no further. Just beyond the flames are chestnuts lightly sweetened with vanilla that combine to create a worldly, timeless fragrance.

Discover By the Fireplace at Nordstrom

Polo Blue Eau de Parfum by Ralph Lauren

If your dad prefers rocking the classics, then Ralph Lauren’s new take on Polo Blue will quickly become a favorite for him. Gone is the dominant melon note that defined the original, resulting in a darker more aromatic scent that any man would appreciate. The original DNA is still there for anyone that loved it, but the Eau de Parfum is different enough that it will make the wearer happy to have both versions.

Discover the Polo Blue Eau de Parfum 3-piece gift set at Macy’s 

Mankind Hero by Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole delivers a soapy, clean lavender fragrance with Mankind Hero. This is ideal for the man that seeks a simple elegance. In addition to being a scent dad will enjoy, Parlux will be donating $2 for every sale (up to $60,000) to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America!

Discover Mankind Hero at KennethCole.com

Artisan by John Varvatos

Each bottle of Artisan is wrapped in a one of a kind hand-woven rattan, providing your father a gift as distinct as the man you’re celebrating. This John Varvatos bottle isn’t the only thing worth appreciating, as the scent itself reinvents citrus with floral nuances gently hugging clementine, tangerine, and ginger notes.

Discover Artisan at Macy’s

L’Envol de Cartier Perfumed Grooming Oil by Cartier

From the gorgeously defined honey masterpiece L’Envol de Cartier, comes the perfumed grooming oil designed to soften and smooth the skin, as well as, refine your beard. It’s a lightly sweetened, musky honey that exudes class. 

Discover L’Envol de Cartier Perfumed Grooming Oil at Bloomingdale’s

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While fragrances are often advertised as for men or women, this is strictly an advertising gimmick that was created ages ago to sell fragrances to men that didn’t want to wear perfume as they thought that was something only women did. Scent doesn’t know gender. You determine what scents are most wearable for your lifestyle, not by how they’re advertised.