Twitter is one of the reputed social media platforms that accommodates more than 313 million active users. This is an excellent opportunity to tap potential audience for your business. The best way to interact with your audience is through email. If you can use Twitter correctly, you can build an email list of legitimate users over time.

Make Use of Pinned Tweet

When you use Twitter, you are provided with an option that allows for pinning a tweet on the top-most position of your profile page. Through pinning, you can know the day you published your last tweet. Pinned tweets will give you an idea to promote your business.

Using Twitter Cards

Using Twitter cards is the popular and efficient way of improving your chances to collect email database addresses. Twitter cards offer more benefits than traditional tweets. The Twitter Card provides you option for including content preview, image, video and link to your webpage. The web page, which you wish to share, can be in the form of a blog. You can direct users to sign up with forms attached to your web page. This way you can collect email IDs of prospective readers.

Use Image Feature Wisely

Twitter has introduced image feature for users. This feature allows you to share pictures, which is a superb way to draw the attention of followers. The timeline is filled with tweets most of the time. The popping of an image attracts the attention of users. Using images can help you to build a pool of subscribers efficiently.

Research on the Right Frequency of Tweets

Some businesses have reported failures because they did not work out regarding the frequency of tweets and made daily tweets.

Tweets can be shared with ease. it does not mean that you can tweet whenever you want. If you share tweets in a large number, there is the possibility of annoying your followers. If your tweeting frequency is less, then you may not be noticed by others.

If your tweets are too much promotional, then you will face challenges to make new followers. You have to maintain the right balance between interacting with others, publicizing your business, tweeting contents of interest and tweeting your pages to your followers. This is the best method of building a good following. Most of your followers will agree to furnish their email ID to you as you share valuable contents.

Ensure That Your Tweets Are Shareable

A Twitter user has to abide by the character limit. You have to make sure that your tweet is shareable. The task is somewhat challenging. You can deploy widgets, which allow sharing an interesting portion of your content. You need to note that users trust the brand, which their friends recommend. You have to ensure that your followers can easily share your content and also append your data often to maintain the quality of your list.

Sharing tweets through Twitter is easy. However, overdoing it will leave a negative impact on your followers. You need to create the right balance between sharing your promotional pages, interacting with users and sharing contents of interest with others. This way, followers can be increased and chances of lead generation would also rise.