“We have to work as a team” – just how many times have you heard this line in your life? Still, as shabby as it may sound, there’s a pretty good reason everyone from Hollywood scriptwriters to various motivational speakers like to use this sentence. Talented individuals are only that – individuals subjected to flaws and misjudgments. On the other hand, if built well, a good team can become a ferocious machine capable of moving mountains where each member compensates for others’ flaws. Let’s see how you can use the next weekend to build such team.

Play “A Truth and a Lie”

The strength of a team lies in mutual trust, and in order for that trust to exist, every team member needs to know when it’s fellow member is being honest. The best way to develop that instinct is through game called “A truth and a lie”. Let your members stand up, tell one true thing about them and one lie. Then the entire team should vote on the validity of the mentioned statements. Besides from the obvious trust building benefits, your team members will also learn to communicate with each other.

Take them for a Night Paintball Session

If your team members are not too much into killing off each other with the paintballs, you can just spend a weekend in wilderness. Now, you may be wondering “Why night?”. Well, it’s just way more intense. Nothing can forge your rag-tag schlobs into lean, mean, angry group of warriors than a burst of adrenaline rush and few bruises. Just find some good night vision goggles review to see what piece of equipment will suit you the best.

Drop the Egg

What hides behind this curious title is an activity, that is messy, engaging, and surprisingly efficient when it comes to binding the team together. So, divide your team into smaller groups of 2-5 people and order them to build a package that will save a raw egg from a several stories fall. Let them use whatever they can find in their surroundings, waste as much eggs as they want and get their hands dirty. You would be surprised to know just how creative they can be.


A great exercise if you are outdoors. Set up a minefield using chairs, bags, boxes, cones or any other kind of items that can be used to trip someone over. Of course, you should leave enough space for a person to get through. Now divide your team into pairs (pay attention who will be paired with whom), blindfold one person and let its pair guide him through the minefield with limited verbal directions. The blindfolded person should not be allowed to ask any questions.

Put the Picture out of Pieces

This activity is as simple as it’s effective. The only thing you will have to do is to buy one huge jigsaw puzzle and ask your team to make a picture out of it over the weekend. The more puzzle pieces the better – just don’t go overboard. Making the task impossible will not only not bond your team members closer together, it will cause frustration and further turmoil.

Employees vs Zombies

Given the current zombie popularity, the chances are that your team members will be more than prepared for this exercise. Your job as a game master will be to divide the members into humans and zombies, give humans set of instructions they need to fulfill in order to survive and let the zombies hunt them. The players that are tagged join the zombies, but zombies are not allowed to communicate with each other.

These few simple activities will help you to create a positive working environment, bring your employees closer together, and learn them to work as one singular entity. Remember, no matter how talented your employees may be, they will always be stronger if they work together.