Apollo Sat Com a Sat Phone Rental Provider is letting you know the Leading 5 Satellite Phone Tips.

1 – You may rent a satellite phone or you can purchase one.

You should base your decision on your length and frequency of need. If you simply need a satellite phone once or twice a year for a week or two each time; then clearly renting is best.However, if you require a sat phone three or more times per year then you should look into purchasing. You can rent/lease a satellite phone from as little as $30.00 each week, and pay as reduced as $0.99 cents each minute. The majority of Satellite Phone Rental companies will also lease you devices such as portable solar chargers, car antennas, pelican cases and universal travel plugs. You can buy a satellite phone like the Qualcomm GSP 1600 for usage with the Globalstar Network for around $749, or you can buy an Iridium Extreme 9575 for use with the Iridium Network for around $1,250. When you buy a satellite phone you are going to pay less for the minutes than if you rent out.

2 – Not all satellite phones function everywhere.

See to it that you choose the right Satellite Phone service provider for the area or country you are going to be visiting. For instance, Iridium service covers the entire world, leaving out only Poland, Cuba & North Korea.View Coverage Maps.

3 –Make sure you have an unobstructed view of the sky to register the sat phone and make a call.

Satellite phones will not function inside a building or underground. They will also not function well if you are beneath a canopy of trees, near tall structures or in a deep valley. Keep in mind, if you are going to remain in a vehicle or boat you can get external antennas to obtain service. To have your satellite phone work inside your home or office, we recommend using a docking station; if an evacuation is required the satellite phone can be removed and taken out of the building with ease.

4 –Notice:Rates calling from one Satellite Phone Service to another.

Calling from one sat phone network to another (instance placing a contact us to a Globalstar phone from an Inmarsat phone) can be extremely expensive, approximately $7-$12 a minute or even more.Please, examine your rate plan before you call to not get a horrible shock when the usage bill arrives.

5- Take a power supply with you.

If you are going hiking, searching, fishing or on another type of adventure where you will not have a readily accessible power supply…make sure to obtain a portable solar battery charger. A portable/mobile solar battery charger can now output approximately 25 Watts and 12 milliamps, completely charging a dead sat phone battery in as low as 3.5 hrs, with constant sunshine. These battery chargers link to sat phones via USB or cigarette lighter adapters and will commonly be powerful enough to adequately charge a laptop computer as well.

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