If you are finding the good vacuum cleaner for yourself which a compact size to meet the needs such as cleaning salon chairs, bed mattresses, cars, narrow slits, curtains, cabinetry, high positions, electronics or even floors and stairs. You should check out mini vacuum cleaner or handheld vacuum cleaner. However, there are a lot of types of the vacuum, so you will get trouble with finding the best one for your own. Therefore, the post will list the top 5 popular mini vacuum in the market with reasonable price.

However, before buying the best one, you should learn more about necessary and useful things about a vacuum.

– This is a compact mini-size machine, so most of them only fit the needs mentioned above.

– About power source, a vacuum can be classified into 3 types including a rechargeable battery, grid, and 12V electric car. Battery type is very flexible but continuous usage is only 10-15 minutes. The type of grid electricity is the highest capacity, good vacuuming ability and suitable for many purposes. For the 12-volt electric car was born for car cleaning, you can refer to best car vacuum which will help you have better reviews about car vacuum.

– About price, vacuum is divided into 3 types

Cheap price: Only fit the most basic needs of cleaning in small, compact locations, electronic equipment, and overhead for a short time (about 5 minutes). Furthermore, the machine is quite hot when operating and high noise level compensated for a pleasant price.

Mid-range price: It is suitable for many demands, good gravitational force and able to operate for a long time. You can clean the house by this kind is pretty well.

Premium rates: It is well meet the needs that you as well as manufacturers want it to complete.

1 Vacuum Cleaner JK 8


– Cheap price

– A wealth of accessories to enhance your machine’s performance.

– Contain 2 liters of dust. Especially it able to blow and vacuum.

– 1000W power, 5m wires.

– Suction to meet the basic needs, if you intend to buy to clean the house, vacuum the floor should not be because it only suits the needs of vacuuming in high places, narrow slits, cars, computers, wardrobes or narrow areas.


Operation time of 10 minutes is quite hot. The loudspeaker is quite loud (manufacturer noise level is 75 dB). However, if you want to buy the vacuum with this price, it is acceptable.

2 Lifepro L368-VC

If you need the best quality car vacuum cleaner, the price is reasonable; this is a good choice for you. Here are a few reviews about this product:

– Designed specifically for cars.

– Use 12V power directly on the car.

– Compact design, subtle and carry a little something luxurious.

– 70W power, thanks to the cyclonic suction technology, suction power is enough to satisfy demanding customers.

– Built-in HEPA filter helps keep the air fresh removes moldy odors and cigarettes.


– Output capacity: 600W

– Compact design, convenient to use as well as you can neat when not in use

– Lightweight and user-friendly.

– Handle are designed 2 in 1.

– The HEPA filter helps clean dust as well as odor or cigarette smell in your room.

– The kit comes with enough to meet the needs of vacuuming in small, narrow places as well as floors, carpets. The vacuum cleaner on the head of the machine is also detachable, very convenient.

– You can use it to clean the house is also very good.

Furthermore, the most attractive things of the vacuum is the ability to attach a long handle which makes it easier for you to reach higher positions as well as you’ll be less likely to get dusty on the floor as you can stand to suck in a very comfortable position.

4 Shimono SVC 1015 Vacuum

– Apply super-cyclone technology should smoke very strong; you rest assured that its “charm” will satisfy you.

– The HEPA filter makes the air in the room so much more pleasant and clean. Particularly dust bag by stainless steel so you will suck the glass, sharp or easy to understand that the durability of this filter will be quite good.

– A variety of accessories to increase the convenience of the product.

– You can use the machine to vacuum dust in the narrow slots, hard to position the machine, high position and of course the floor, carpet, stairs are ok.

– Capacity is 600W and save power. Works smoothly, small noise and not hot when used for a long time

5 Boasch BKS4033

– Using rechargeable battery, time up to 15 minutes

– This machine was born to vacuum, clean up in saloon chairs, cars, curtains, cabinetry, electronic equipment, bed mattress, overhead location, dusty or similar locations.

– The machine can absorb both dry and water. Dry dust capacity: 300ml, water: 40ml. Filter bag can be removed for wet cleaning to help you clean easily

Other tips for using a mini vacuum cleaner

– The vast majority of these machines can not be used for too long. Especially cheap and battery type, you should only give it maximum continuous operation in about 5 minutes. Therefore, if you try to use in a long time, the vacuum can burn.

– Absolutely do not use the machine to draw larger objects than the nozzle or objects that are trapped in the machine.

– Regularly check, clean dust bag and filter.

– Check the power cable before operating the machine, avoid the lack of electricity.

– Don’t forget to read the instructions carefully before using.

The post introduced five portable vacuum cleaners should buy today with some note when buying and using the machine. Hope that the above sharing is useful for you.