There would hardly be any person on this planet who doesn’t like travelling. Whether it’s about a dry place, beach side view, mountain, heritage, or island, abandoning the hustle-bustle of chaotic city life and curdling in the lap of nature’s dramatic shore is somewhat a remarkable experience everyone wants to see and feel. And when it comes to choose the best place for honeymoon, what else can compete Seychelles?

The dream of making with your loved one gets more cheerful and memorable with such nature-blessed destinations. The tranquil sun set, the powdery white sand, secluded beaches, rich colonial heritage and authentic Creole take you to the trip of paradise from those typical Indian shores. Seychelles is the closest heaven on earth you can ever find for your dream holiday. And Seychelles honeymoon packages from Delhi, India really make it true for you.

Lazing at the most beautiful beaches in the world

When you are all in a good mood for romance, why go and rub shoulders with anyone else when you have your partner. You can find a lot of virgin beaches just waiting for you to embrace and to help you enjoy your special moments in privacy. Go to Anse Lazio Beach on Praslin Island, voted among the top 10 beaches in the world and enjoy the awe-inspiring view of ocean. Enjoy luscious crab curry at the shack Bon Bon plume or visit dArgent beach on the sleepy La Digue Island.

Enjoy diving and snorkelling into the Turquoise Waters of marine Parks

Want to explore the super-beautiful deep water diving into the six marine national parks. Discover the paranormal nautical life in the coral reefs of Ste Anne, which includes six beguiling small islands all together nestled at just 20 minutes away from the main island of Mahe. This scuba diving is gonna be the best experience of our lifetime as you are gonna get the company of green turtles at Baie Teranay, hawks bill or swim with humphed parrot fish.

Flow away the Seychelles Way

Now when you have more than hundred islands in the archipelago, what else could be a better way than to unknot the multitude treasures than sailing? Cruise the waters around Mahé with 44 miles of picturesque shoreline, safe anchorages and over 65 beaches to halt for a snack break. If you are seeking for a romantic camouflage with your beloved, let’s meet Anse Major, Anse Jasmin, anse Du riz and more. Also, Sail some 130 miles southwest of Mahé to arrive at the lagoons of Amirantes discovered by none other than Vasco de Gama while he was on his second voyage to India.


You know your partner loves shopping and you love it too then why settle for something usual when you have bustling, colorful covered market at Victoria. Find fresh fruit and vegetables, stalls selling unique souvenirs such as local spices and herbs with the accustomed collection of pareos (sarongs) and shirts. Early morning is the best time to explore the best of market when fishmongers display the best variety of seafood ranging from parrot fish to barracuda. It looks liveliest on Saturdays.